3 Steps To Overcome Anxiety Without Breaking A Sweat


Anxiety really sucks! It sucks the happiness out of your social and private life. Millions of people in the world are suffering from anxiety – and most of them are fed up with the negative effects anxiety has on their lives.

When you are anxious, you’re likely to experience the following…

  • Nervousness
  • Trouble in concentrating
  • A sense of danger
  • Restlessness
  • Fear of failure
  • Afraid to mingle with groups
  • Loneliness
  • Sleeplessness

In extreme cases, you could experience shortness of breath, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headache, and chest pain.

Frequent panic attacks can lead to stress and depression and spoil your personal and professional life. But don’t worry, given below are three pointers to overcome it without breaking a sweat:

1) Practice breathing exercises

Okay, you have probably heard a lot about this. But, bear with me, your breathing is the primary trigger for anxiety. When you control your breathing, you can control stress naturally.

Medical experts believe that when you take long breath, your body automatically calms down no matter what the cause is.

Deep Breathing

Here’s how you should do it: Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat in count of 10. Make sure you focus on your breathe as you do it. The slower and deeper you breathe, the calmer your mind will be. Practice this technique 20 minutes everyday, and see your stress levels drop to zero.

2) Prepare yourself for a good show

Performance anxiety is the commonest form.

You might experience it during interviews, when preparing for an exam, while giving public speeches, when visiting a dentist, and gearing up for an important event.

The reason why you get anxious is because you start thinking too much about the event the day prior to it. You are tensed what the outcome of the event is going to be.

But here’s what, your stress is largely controlled by your mind. When you panic, your mind too starts panicking – and that leads to anxiety and stress. But if you learn how to keep your mind calm, you will feel that even important meetings are like a day at the beach.

Overcoming Anxiety

The easiest option to stay calm before major events is not to think too much about it. Even if you do, make sure you think positively. Watching motivational videos before important life events can go a long way in boosting your confidence level.

3) Take supplements

Have you tried supplements? Nootropics offer the easiest and most effective way to get rid of anxiety without breaking a sweat. These drugs stimulate the neurotransmitters that regulate stress,anxiety, and other emotional feelings in individuals and bring the hyperexcited neurons back to their normal levels.

People ranging from college students to working professionals to entrepreneurs take nootropics to ease stress and anxiety during important events.


There you go – three easy ways to beat anxiety. If you have suggestions or additions to the list, please feel free to comment them below. We’ll put them up in our next post. Thanks for reading.

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