Want To Be A Leader, Not A Manager? Here are 36 Tips

Want To Be A Leader, Not A Manager? Here are 36 Tips

A title will not make you a leader. This is why some managers are good leaders while others aren’t. Leaders do all of the below, rather than be a dictating manager.

1. Be the Best Team Player – you are not separate, you are leading a Team
2. Inspire and motivate your Team
3. When we step into this position, we take on the responsibilities that go with it
4. 1st and foremost ensure that no matter what, where, how or why – Clients at all times receive 5 Start treatment, service
5. Lead by example – people follow not what I say, but what I do
6. Live life with honestly and integrity Staff are there to assist, not to do managers work
7. Always be the 1st to arrive and the last to leave (within reason – but ensure you are at work stations punctually and never leave early)
8. Be friendly, courteous, kind to all clients and fellow staff

9. Be consistent

10. Focus on accuracy
11. Dont be afraid of doing the dirty work if need be
12. Work as a team
13. Lead and guide your team
14. Always look for the gaps in where things are going wrong/ not working and focus on closing not widening them
15. Understand where and when your team members need help
16. Take time to teach your team
17. Ask your team for advice
18. Get feedback from clients
19. Value and learn from criticism
20. Know when to be good, and when to be tough
21. Do not do anything that you would not want your manager to do
22. Reply daily to emails and phone calls and ensure your team does the sam
23. Do not discuss anything to do with work publicly
24. Be 100% trustworthy and Trusting
25. Value and respect your team

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26. Action means more than words

27. The whole team is more valuable than the parts
28. Ensure that your team stick to rules and guidelines
29. Resolve conflict immediately
30. Encourage open communciation
31. Have regular meetings
32. Keep your eye on the ball
33. Be firm and fair
34. Make it clear as to what you expect from your team members
35. Communication is key
36. Confront problems immediately

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