5 Things You Should Be Doing This Winter For Healthy Hair

Not only does winter mean cold, rainy, miserable days, but it also means dry, damaged and broken hair. But don’t worry because we have put together a list of “5 Things You Should Be Doing This Winter For Healthy Hair” to turn that frown upside down.

I love going to my hairdresser – Mince Hair Salon, because, not only do they keep my hair looking good, but feeling good too. They always have the latest and greatest products, and give me awesome hair care tips which have come in handy this winter.

My 5 Hair Care Tips For The Winter


Treat your hair: The winter months leave the hair brittle and dull, so it is very important to treat your hair once every while to get that shine back. My Fix: A good treatment should be done by a haircare professional due to their products having all the necessary proteins and nutrients the hair needs.


Wash your hair as little as possible: Dry hair often causes the hair to look slightly greasy, so it is important to know the difference between oily hair, and dry hair. Washing your hair as little as possible, with as much moisture as possible will prevent you from having to wash it all the time. My Fix: The new Kevin Murphy Repair-Me Wash, Rinse and Restore.

Wash: Reconstructing shampoo with powerful protein from Bamboo and Silk Amino Acids, strengthens hair while gently removing impurities.

Rinse: Reconstructing strengthening conditioner with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera extracts that gently lubricates hair strands to help protect from damage, enhance manageability and provide a reflective shine.

Restore: Cleansing conditioning treatment with superfood proteins naturally bind moisture to reconstruct damaged hair. Amino Acids like Arginine and Lysine, the building blocks of repair, will help to rebuild and restore hair with elasticity, strength and moisture.


Static Hair: Instead of using a hair spray for static hair, rather use a conditioning spray that will prevent breakage and help with your colour. My Fix: The Schwarzkopf Blondme Color Correction Spray Conditioner.


The KeraLamination Technology restores the hair’s lost keratin and regenerates its elasticity, while the silk infuses the hair with deep, nourishing care and smoothness.


Go Bright, Go Bold: We don’t get enough sunshine during winter, which means our hair often looks a bit dreary. My fix: Olaplex!

Olaplex is a revolutionary new salon applied treatment that allows you to go bright, go bold, and have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. As chemical processes break down the bonds that are essential for healthy hair, Olaplex steps in to repair them before any damage is done.


Regular Trims: Go for a trim every 4-6 weeks, because the less damage and breakage there is to the hair, the quicker it will grow and the healthier it will be.

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