6 Tips to Keep You On-Budget This Holiday Season

6 Tips to Keep You On-Budget This Holiday Season

Christmas is less than three weeks away and so the shopping frenzy begins! As exciting as this time of the year is, it can also be very costly.

And, if you’re buying presents for a big family, you’re likely to go bankrupt even before Christmas begins! So, if you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation you were in last Christmas, here are six ways to reduce your expenses and enjoy Christmas without going overboard with your spending.


1. Plan your shopping

Before you go out shopping, ensure you have lists of everything you need to buy: decorations, food, gifts… If you’re buying gifts, make a list of people who you want to offer presents to: relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. Then create a budget for each category and set a spending limit for gifts, so you don’t overspend.

2. Don’t buy more than you need

Special offers can make you go over budget. So, don’t be fooled by buy three items and get one free, especially if you don’t need that item. Stick to your shopping list and don’t make exceptions without having a good reason.

3. You can always use last year’s decorations

Buying new Christmas decorations every year is a costly habit. If you store your decorations properly, you can reuse them for a couple of years.

4. Buy late presents after Christmas

After the 25th, prices go down and there are thousands of items on sale. So, if you have certain family members or friends you’ll be meeting after the holidays, you can wait and buy their presents later.

5. Look out for special and last-minute discounts online

Some of your favorite brands’ advertise many promotions and sales on social media. Also, stay up to date and use price comparison sites and daily deal websites before going Christmas shopping, to find the best deals.

6. Let everyone bring something to the Christmas table

If you’re having a very big lunch and want to save on Christmas grocery shopping, ask everyone invited to bring their favorite dish or dessert. This way, you save time and money.

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