60 Days To The Grand Opening Of Our Healing Hub- Don’t Miss Out

It’s official!  We are proud to announce the count down to the grand opening of our Healing Hub. Yes! We’re excited and want you to share in our excitement.

Some LELC background information

LELC is our brand name and umbrella.  It stands for Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish, which is the motto that our family lives by, and we as the Taylor family all have a tattoo on our feet with these words and family initials.  We aim to inspire everyone to live healthy, happy and balanced lives.  We want to ensure that every person who visits our Healing Hub leaves healed somehow, whether spiritually, physically or emotionally.

I, Trish, have studied health and healing my entire life, and it has always been my dream to offer the public a space to heal.  Lourensford Wine Estate has the most beautiful surroundings and incredible energy.  We are incredibly privileged to be able to launch our 1st Healing hub in this space.


The Studio

Ryan is our incredible partner who is already running our studio, as we have begun with all of our classes and events outdoors already.  The studio already offers – Yoga, Tai Chi, Bootcamp, Nia, Meditation, and so much more.  We will be adding various dancing classes including ballet for adults and Yoga for kiddies.  We cater for all ages and all fitness levels. We are also holding a Teachers Training course this year for Yoga and one for Nia dancing.


The building will be complete at the beginning of March, but our Healing Hub will only open on 1 April. We have a fantastic launch party planned. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening:



We will offer packages for Brides, corporates and people of all ages, including massage and Yoga, and so much more.  Furthermore, we will have a Rasul chamber in the Spa.

Our Healing Hub will be open 7 days a week and evenings when the market is open.  The studio will be available in the evenings for meditation, workshops and sound journeys.  Also, we will always open up for any particular clients needs or requests. You’ve been part of this journey, and now you can celebrate with us as we prepare to open our doors officially.  So, more details to follow soon.


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