7 Powerful Ways To Get Ahead Intelligently

Get ahead intelligently

Do you want to get ahead intelligently? If so, what are you doing to increase your knowledge? Do you know more today than you did yesterday? Have you gleaned more useful, factual knowledge? Are you wiser than you were before?

There’s one simple rule to success: Never stop learning! Strong, forward-thinking strategies are vital to the success of any business. And like anything else, a lot rests on the attitude of the individual to ‘make it happen’.

Whether you’re trying to press ahead in your chosen career, or running your own business, you need to look closely at yourself and realise that you can never learn too much. Put simply, knowledge is power.

The most successful business people I know never tire of learning new things. Even in the sunsets of their careers, they are trying to ‘figure things out’ and rejoicing in new insights and suggestions given to them by people who often know less than they do.

Here are 7 bulletproof ways to get ahead intelligently

1. Be humble

Recognise that what you know is a small fraction of what there is to know – even in the area of your expertise.

2. Stay hungry

Be eager to learn more so you can do more.

3. Recognise your prejudices

This is important because prejudices blind you to opportunities and hamper your progress. See them. Name them. Warn others about them.

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4. Give preference to firsthand data

In a world that is deluged with filtered, processed, and pre-packaged information, value the knowledge you get from personal experience – yours and that of others. Speak to your customers. Get down to the shop floor. Find out what’s really going on.

5. Read voraciously

Spend at least a half-hour each day reading to improve your business skills, and an equal or greater time reading to broaden your mind. Read fiction and non-fiction, tough texts and easy guides, books, newspapers, and magazines.

6. Read effectively

Know your reading objective before you read. Use scanning techniques to conserve time. Take notes. Review them.

7. Keep a journal

This is something I try to do on a daily basis and I can tell you from firsthand experience that it really helps. In addition to jotting down notes about what you’ve done or plan to do, try to keep a daily record of things you’ve learned. Then, every afternoon and again in the evening, take a five minute break to ask yourself what you’ve learnt. It could be a new yoga position you learnt, new facts and figures from your reading, anything about wine or art, and – last but not least – any important thoughts you’ve had or philosophical conclusions you have come to.

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