A Little Dove Taught Me How To Love My Hair

Last week on a wet, and windy morning we drove, into the misty mountains for a “Head Space” breakfast at Silvermist Mountain Lodge.  A little Dove taught me how to love my hair.  Before I let you in on my secret, please write down one word that describes your relationship with your hair.

After battling to find a word to describe my relationship with my hair, I settled on “difficult”.  Why is it I ask myself, that we always need to find negative words to describe ourselves.  When I arrived home, my word had changed to “love”.  The morning had been spent listening to inspiring ladies describe, how their hair has been so much part of defining moments in their lives.  Some ladies had curly hair, some had long, and the colours varied from blonde, to black.  Every one of them loved their hair.  Our hair is so much part of what we feel every day, that I think we owe it to ourselves to love our hair.


I did some soul searching, and realised that my hair is in fact part of my life’s journey, which I am going to share with you.


  •  As a child I had weird, and wonderful hairstyles.  More often thank not, cut by my Mom. But, always cute, happy and sometimes funny.
  • Teenage years were spent with long blonde hair,  which helped when going out to parties and meeting boys.
  • My twenties was settling down into marriage with a variety of perms.  A very housewife like look.
  • Motherhood in my 30s was spent with a variety of styles, but mainly anything that could be tied up, or clipped back
  • The fabulous 40s empowered me to cut my hair extremely short, knowing that I could grow it back. Which, of course I did!
  • When I turned 50 I cut my hair short again, this time knowing it would probably be the end of my long locks forever.  This time I embraced my short hair, as part of my age/ stage in my life.

My hair was always naturally blonde, but in adulthood it went a bit mousy, and I have highlighted it since.

  • I have decided that when I turn 60 that I am going to let my hair grow out, into its natural colour.  Be that grey, or white. I am so excited about this, that these days I often push my hair back to check the colour of my hairline, underneath my highlights.

I realise now that our hair choices are the window to our world. I have loved every age, and most hairstyles, and I needed Dove to bring this to my attention.  Thank you! #dovehairperfectpair

Please write down how you feel about your hair now, and in the comment box below, put your before and after word.  This way we can inspire others to love their hair.

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