A Major Breakthrough In Age Disorders

Age Disorders

The following article is a guest blog by the multi-talented Dr Golding. For more about Dr Golding, see the end of the piece.

The first sign something was wrong with Steve was confusion.

An accountant all his life, he’d started having trouble with basic maths. He’d make simple mistakes on payroll and couldn’t work a calculator let alone switch on his computer. (This for a man with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration who’d once delighted in opening up computers and taking them apart.)

Next, came personality changes.

Steve was vacant and distant. He lost his sense of humour. Couldn’t follow conversations or explain what he’d just read. The he started losing his balance.

At 53, Steve had all the symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s!

As the medical director at Spring Hill Regional Hospital in America, his wife (Dr Mary Newport) was concerned.

After lengthy consultations with their family doctor and a brain scan that confirmed Steve’s brain was shrinking, Steve went on commercially available Alzheimer’s drugs.

His condition only got worse.

Mary was desperate to try anything to stop the siege Steve’s brain was under.

So when she found out that a clinical trial wanted candidates to test their Alzheimer’s vaccine on, she jumped at the chance to enrol Steve in the programme.

Age Disorders

To qualify, Steve had to undergo medical testing at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute at the University of South Florida.

He had to take the standard Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) and score no less than 16 out of 30.

Steve scored 12!

And when Dr Margarita Nunez showed Mary what Steve had drawn when she asked him to draw a clock (another standard Alzheimer’s test), Mary’s worst fears were confirmed.

Steve’s Alzheimer’s was severe.

Take a look at the picture at the bottom of the article to see what he drew.

Knowing Steve didn’t qualify for the vaccine and that his mental abilities were rapidly eroding, Mary started searching for answers everywhere.

It was on the Internet that her research yielded this startling discovery:

This tropical fruit’s main ingredient could slow (and in some cases reverse) Alzheimer’s!

Mary stumbled across a small independent pilot study that showed there was a drug helping slow (and even reverse) the effects of Alzheimer’s.

It wasn’t on the market yet. (Nor have the FDA approved it since Mary discovered the research back in 2008.) But its main ingredient (medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs) was readily available.

Because, it turns out, MCTs are also the main ingredient in Coconut Oil.

What did they have to lose?

Desperate to improve Steve’s life, Mary drove an hour out of her way to the only health food shop she knew would definitely stock 100% Virgin Coconut Oil.

Age Disorders
Coconut Oil

The next morning while making his oatmeal, she stirred in a two Tablespoons.

She then drove Steve back to take the MMSE test again.

4 and ½ hours later, Steve walked out of the test unhappy with his performance.

But when Mary asked the nurse for Steve’s score, she was stunned.

Steve had scored 18 out of 30.

Six points more than the previous day!

14 days later, Mary asked Steve to draw a clock again.

Mary couldn’t believe her eyes!

The pictures at the bottom show what Steve drew on day 14.

The change is remarkable.

But it wasn’t just his ability to draw a clock that improved.

Mary started noticing other changes as well.

His personality returned.

The hitch in his step went away.

And he began reading again.

When she repeated the clock test 23 days later (37 days after Steve first started taking Coconut Oil
daily), what she saw blew her away.

Steve drew a near perfect clock in just 37 days!

Take a look at the bottom.

Notice how Steve’s clock is finally a closed circle.

Look at how he’s included all 12 numbers…

And how they’re all in the RIGHT order.

The difference between the clock he drew the day before he started taking Coconut Oil and the one he drew 37 days later is unbelievable.

All of it showed that Steve’s brain was improving!


But it wasn’t only Mary who noticed a change.

After 60 days, Steve was alert, talkative and happy.

He made jokes.

His tremors stopped.

Even a brain scan confirmed that the atrophy in his brain had stopped.

And, when he and Mary attended a family gathering, he greeted every family member by name. Even the people he didn’t recognise a year earlier!

What a change!

It’s about time the medical industry finally told you the truth about Coconut Oil – It could be the major breakthrough in treating age disorders like Alzheimers…

Age Disorders
Unbelievable Results


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