Kiko Vitals Hormone Balancing Capsules

Kiko Vitals Hormone Balance

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Kiko Vitals Hormone Balancing Capsules
Kiko Vitals Hormone Balancing Capsules

Vitex Berry

Reduces symptoms of hormone imbalance, such as breast pain or tenderness, migraine, anxiety, cramps, depression, fatigue, irritability, and acne. It may also improve fertility.


Inositol influences your body’s insulin response as well as several hormones associated with mood and cognition. Effective in the relief of symptoms associated with PCOS, and also helps to reduce anxiety.

Dandelion Root

It helps remove toxins from the bloodstream and improves the digestive system. Effective in fat loss, blood sugar regulation, and reducing cholesterol. Dandelions are known to help with kidney, stomach and liver disorders, skin irritations, heartburn, gallbladder problems, arthritis, diabetes, anaemia and constipation.


This miracle mineral helps with muscle function – promoting oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance. It helps regulate blood pressure and, because it helps our bodies break down sugars, can reduce the risk of insulin resistance.


It’s classified as an adaptogen and has been used for over 3 000 years to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, increase energy levels, improve concentration, and lower blood sugar and cortisol levels.

Red Raspberry Leaf

This powerful antioxidant is effective in relieving nausea and labour pains and also helps treat skin rashes. Helps support overall female health and well-being. It is naturally high in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins B, A, C, and E and is effective in relieving the symptoms of PMS, endometriosis, and menopause.

Vitamin B

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining our good health and overall well-being. Think of them as the building blocks of a healthy body. They have a direct impact on our energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. B vitamins are essential for pregnant women as they aid in foetal brain development and reduce the risk of congenital disabilities. They also help ease nausea and lower the risk of developing preeclampsia.

Don Quai

Often called “female ginseng.” It is commonly used to treat menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms but is also effective in relieving symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as bloating.

Black Cohosh

Highly effective in the relief of PMS, menstrual irregularities, uterine spasms and inflammation. It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and can balance hormones in women with PCOS. It’s also been shown to decrease the size of uterine fibroids by up to 30%. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and can also help promote better sleep and weight loss. It is also frequently used as a cognitive booster and even a liver tonic.

Coleus Forskolin

Forskolin is made from the root of a plant in the mint family, known to increase cellular levels of molecule cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), which transfer the effects of hormones into cells. Forskolin can also help with fat loss by helping to create enzymes called lipase and adenylate cyclase, which free fatty acids from the body’s cells to be burned as fuel. This helps reduce fat without affecting lean muscle mass.

Organic Maca

The root of the maca plant is exceptionally high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Medicinally, it has many benefits, including increased libido, relieves symptoms associated with PMS and menopause – including hot flushes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep problems and irritability – reduces anxiety and depression, supports muscle gain, increases strength, boosts energy and improves athletic performance.


Zinc is a trace element that is essential for a healthy immune system. It is also a mood booster and helps with psoriasis and other skin conditions. It is responsible for several functions in the human body and helps stimulate at least 100 different enzymes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin needed for the proper function of many organs in our body. It is also an antioxidant that may help protect our cells from damage, and it is known to help nourish and protect the liver.
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