Aloe Vera Gel: Benefits For Skin Care

Aloe Vera Gel: Benefits For Skin Care

Allergic reactions to Aloe Vera gel are very uncommon. You can apply it repeatedly without any side effects. However, it may initially sting slightly on open wounds and sores, but that is due to increased blood supply.

Advantage of  Aloe in Cosmetics


• Skin requires moisture to provide flexibility to the collagen network. Aloe restores the moisture balance and prevents existing water from evaporating, because it forms a barrier that protects against harsh elements and air pollution. 70% of the dermal layerconsistst of collagen.
• It penetrates through all the skin layers,  thereby supplying nutrients and moisture deep into the skin while dilating blood vessels and increasing blood supply as it penetrates.

• Increased blood supply improves oxygen and nutrient delivery. Additionally, it  stimulates collagen production necessary for skin renewal.
• Age causes the collagen layer to weaken, resulting in moisture loss and resilience. Aloe increases the concentration and strength of the collagen composition, which means firmer skin and improved elasticity.
• Softens and delays the formation of wrinkles and deep character lines.
• Increases the solubility and absorption rate of moisturizers.


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Advantage of the healing properties of Aloe


• Ability to penetrate through all the skin layers supplying nutrients and moisture to the deepest skin structures such as connective tissue, blood vessels and epidermal cells.
• Blood vessels become dilated and stimulate lymph node activity, whichleadsd to increased nutrient supply to the cells and faster recovery and cellular renewal.
• Increased blood supply improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients and stimulates fibroblastic (clot formation) activity that playsa vitalt role in wound healing.
• Pigmentation is suppressed, thereby delaying the formation of freckles, moles and age spots.
• Cells are protected from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and Aloe is scientifically proven as a UVB protector.

Prevents skin damage due to excessive sun exposure and accelerates the healing of sunburnt skin.

  • Healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe. It ishighlyy effective in the treatment of any injuries and wounds.
    • Promotes cell renewal for all types of wounds such as burn, cut and scratch. Also, regeneration of skin tissue is 8 x faster than expected.
    • Reduces swelling and accelerates wound contraction and wound breaking strength.
    • Burn wounds and irritation caused by radiation heal faster and haves an analgesic effect.
    • Reduces inflammation by inhibiting thromboxane (stimulates the activation of new blood platelets) by increasing blood supply.
  • – Anti-microbial properties of Aloe
  • – Combined anti-cancer and immune stimulating properties make it extremely useful for the following:
  • • Skin cancer.
  • • Treatment of psoriasis.
  • • Prevention of wound infections.
  • • Increasing the solubility and absorption rate of medication such as cortisone prescribed for the skin.


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