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Who are we? We’re an ignition point for the day that keeps on igniting from dawn through dusk.
 We’re a cheerleader, an all day pep talk; a cast-iron reason to believe that you can make all your moves throughout the day and make them with confidence. 

What We Believe – Shield

We move less than we ever have before. Our work, our cities, our lives. All designed to keep us at a standstill. And so we sit. We wait. At desks. In tra c. For something to happen. But the truth is this. The more you move, the more you live. Simple. Proven. Powerful.

So join us. Take a step. Just a small step will do. Skip the lift. Take the stairs. Life doesn’t stand still. Why should you? Let’s come together to make little changes. In our cities, our workplaces, our spaces. So more people stop stopping and start moving. Small steps. Big di erence. This is our mission. Let’s keep the whole world moving.



About Shield’s New Range: Shield MotionSense

The range includes patented, breakthrough technology that delivers bursts of freshness as you move. Leaving you feeling fresh and protected throughout the day. Shield MotionSenseTM is the world’s  first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement.


As a brand recognised for expertise and product innovation, we have developed MotionSenseTM, a technology that has revolutionised the way anti-perspirants work. It is developments like this that make us the best in the world…

MotionSenseTM is a body-responsive technology that reacts to your every move.

This is how it works:

  • Unique microcapsules contain specially designed fragrances.
  • When you move, the friction breaks the capsules.
  • This delivers a burst of freshness when you need it most.

To View The Shield Motionsense FAQ Click The Link Below

Shield MotionSense FAQ





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