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Thirty-eight years ago Henry Taylor joined the family business. He worked for his father who owned the Taylor Dykman Gallery in Carlton centre. Furthermore, the gallery focused on well established South African artists, some of whom went on to become the Old Masters of today. It was here that Henry encountered the likes of Jeanette Dykman, Father Claerhout, W.Hulley, Martin Koch and Gabriel de Jongh, etc. Watching some of these great names painting, Henry gained an appreciation of the techniques that made these Artists names great.

The birth of the Henry Taylor Art Gallery

Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

A few years later, Henry decided to branch out on his own and set up the Henry Taylor Art Gallery. Here he focused on up and coming artists as well as the more established artists that he had grown accustomed to.  It was a few years later that Henry began to specialise in Old Masters. Thus, focusing on investment art for individual buyers and corporate investors.

The Art Gallery is on The Lourensford Wine Estate. Thanks to the large premises and the vast collection of original paintings and sculptures.  Henry travels around the Country to visit clients by appointment privately.

His services include the buying, and selling of Old Master paintings.  Furthermore, the Gallery specialises in Art Restorations and Valuations.  In addition, we do framing and offer expert advice on all SA art related issues.

Also, re-sales of South African art, commissions of any artwork, sourcing of art pieces and artist of interest and they can assist on advice on South African art.

There’s something about Henry Taylor.

Behind the roaring laughter, and warm, friendly manner as well the Red Bull induced type energy levels, are a pair of assessing eyes. Thus, suggesting that there is more, and hint at the man who knows his craft. He has over the past 35 years carved out a reputation that secures his niche in a sector dominated by big names. Also, he is the “Master of South African Old Masters.”

As a second generation gallery owner, Henry Taylor discovered the foundational needs of South Africa art buyers, and caters to that need. Furthermore, after 35years he acknowledges that the knowledge, service and transparency he provides his clients is imperative.


Art Curator

Should you be looking for a piece or art to complement your beautiful home, come to the Art Curator. This is where our friendly staff at Henry will provide you with professional advice to suit your every need. Re-Sales of South African art, commissions of any artwork, sourcing of art pieces and artist of interest and they can assist on advice on South African art.

Our permanent exhibitions include selections of SA Old Master paintings. Also, Bronzes in the Gallery and around the Estate, SA Investment Art, Contemporary Art, African Art, Memorabilia & Artistic Curios.

Most of all, we are running various Art Exhibitions, Workshops, and events, and should you wish to keep upto date with all of our news, and happenings, please email or visit

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