ArtMode 6th Edition – Art Noir and All That Jazz

This winter, experience the 6th Edition of ArtMode. In collaboration with Black Bottle blended Scotch whisky, proudly showcasing Art Noir and All That Jazz, a group of exceptional artists imitating life at the timeless Cape Town Club.

Witness artists perform @ ArtMode

ArtMode is known for staging a behind-the-scene experience, that allows people to witness artists performing their works, in their element. Providing, a platform for both established and budding, creatives, to express themselves in an environment that inspires the ultimate space to create.

Never one to disappoint, this edition of ArtMode will boast a wonderful collision of live art, jazz, exceptional hosts, Burlesque artists, body painters and eclectic visual performance artists. ParolaBianca, the contemporary oracle, will present her silent performance.  Clothed in mystery, bringing a messages of wisdom, to walk the path of a peaceful life.  Accentuating the beauty of existence, and creativity.  The evening’s musical entertainment will be kicked off with Simon Bates on Sax, followed by a gypsy jazz band, called Manouche.

Enjoy whisky on the rocks

Your winter jaunt,  is satisfied with a fitting, deeply-layered and complex whisky choice. Available every night throughout the exhibition month,and served straight, on the rocks or with an unconventional creative twist.  Black Bottle will be running exclusive give-aways. Take advantage of these, in order to stand a chance of winning an authentically unique, rich and smoky bottle of blended Scotch.

Art Noir, and All That Jazz is made possible with artists from ArtMode, EOS Gallery and Knobs & Tassels.  Relying heavily on the support of our artistic community: VANSA, Cape Town Partnership, Creative Cape Town, Design + Cape, and the Cape Craft and Design Institute.  Artists exhibiting at the 6th Edition of Artmode include, Anton Smit, Nardstar, Kelly John Gough, Riaan Van Zyl, Janko De Beer, Schalk Van Der Merwe, Muziwandle Gigaba, Karen Wykerd, Gerhard Van Vuuren, Rudolf Liebenberg, Carel De Beer, Stephan Rae, Carro Allum and Effo Mungaunanzo.

Artmode 2


Date: 25th August 2016

Time: 7-10pm

Venue: Cape Town Club

Address: 18 Queen Victoria Road, opposite Company’s Garden

Limited to 400 guests.

To secure a place please mail  by the 20th August 2016


Exclusive Opening: 25th August 2016

Exhibition Dates: 26th August – 30th September from 9am – 6pm.

For private viewings please mail  

Facebook page:

Twitter: @artmodemusic

Instagram: @artmodemusic



ArtMode, EOS Gallery, Knext Gallery bring you the artists for Art Noir and All That Jazz :

Anton Smit    “Anton collects sayings about the relationship between art and an artists individual experience of reality. Art is not to render the visible but to render visible. ”

Kelly John Gough  “Inspired by the human form, Kelly paints striking nudes and portraits with a composition enriched by string chiaroscuro, exciting areas of negative space and the natural grain and knots of his signature pine panel canvas. ”

Nardstar “ In Cape Town the scene is very suppressed but the city’s graffiti by-law which forces a permit procedure on artists and building owners to have art on the city’s walls. There is no actual graffiti in our city centre either because it gets buffed so quickly but what is a city without graffiti? ”

Schalk Van Der Merwe   “Schalk’s work explores the concept of taking the mind out of the creative process to allow for a more honest expression. My work is not reliant on a cognitive process. Because I believe over thinking can destroy originality. Schalk’s work is arresting, intriguing and oddly attractive. And each (piece) has a delicate, expression & a coarse and visceral surrender to paint. ”

Janko De Beer  “As an artist his sculptures are unique, outspoken and not easily forgotten.” SA Creative Network Magazine

Riaan Van Zyl

At first glance his work looks abstract, and confusing but the results have their own very personal syntax, punctuation and orchestration.  They become almost a performance of movement rather than a standard drawing.

Muziwandle Gigaba

“I create works that draw on my childhood memory of mythological tales in popular visual culture, folklore, and fables. In addition, I’m fascinated by the ways in which one can easily identify with non-realistic characters that fuse human with animal forms, and how these serve as metaphors for different values and capacities. Also, it intrigues me how these human-animal characters in folklore and fables can be visualized.”

Karen Wykerd

Constantly in pursuit of capturing the sunset, the sunrise, rising mist and impending storms, Karen strives to portray the detail of fast-paced, bustling Cape Town street scenes as well as viewing the city from afar as a pattern of grid lines and an expanse of sky.

Gerhard Van Vuuren

Expressions on abstract is the term used for Gerhard van Vuuren’s contemporary portraits. Most of all, his style is distinctive and the class and character of emotions he employs to describe and document his subjects makes his wonderful work noticeable.

Rudolf Liebenberg

Roox explores the symbiotic energy that exists between trees and humans, a glimpse into a flight-of-imagination world where one completely co-exists with nature.

Carel de Beer

Stephen Rae

Caro Allum

Effo Mungaunanzo

“I wonder about human survival mechanisms in a land ravaged by social and economic problems.  Hence, my work explores alternative forms of life and urban realities – African life”

Baikitsi Collective

“We aim to produce art that conscientices about black African history and targets to reform perceived notions of the culture. Also, we aim to challenge stereotypes about black people within theatre and, produce art that draws from the history and the stories of our people.” 

The Foxy Five

A web series, that follows the adventures of the white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy smashing group of 5 young womxn from Cape Town. Each womxn represents a different struggle, and set of ideals within feminism. Despite their ideological differences, and the clashes they often cause, the womxn are a tight-nit sisterhood that always manage to band together in overcoming The Man.

Peformaning aritsts on the evening include:   Stephen Rae, Baikitsi Collective and Effo Mungauanzo.

Dancers and Acts include Brulesque Dancers, Artistic Body painters, Theatrical hosts, and ParolaBianca, from Psychadelic Theatre.

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