Avène Thermal Spring Water For Sensitive Skin

Avene Thermal spring water

Legendary French beauty house Eau Thermale Avène, has recently spread it’s roots to South Africa and skincare fans are loving it! Their signature product, Avène Thermal Spring Water, has been recognised for over two centuries for its remarkably soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is also the source of an entire range of products for sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin and is contained in all of the products in the range.  Avène Thermal Spring Water is particularly recommended for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic or irritated skin.

What is thermal water?

Thermal water is naturally mineralized water whose healing properties make it suitable for therapeutic use. It has a set of characteristics that make it propitious to health and is recognized to be of public interest by the French National Academy of Medicine. Avène Thermal Spring water soothes skin instantly. Beneficial for everyone, it is essential for irritations.

avene thermal spring waterBenefits and uses:

Following a surgical procedure
Facial redness
Skin irritation
Diaper rash
Following make-up removal
Following shaving
Soothes skin after exercise
Following hair removal
During travel to cool oneself

What is sensitive skin?

Whatever your skin type, specific factors might trigger or lead to oversensitivity: Your skin reacts strongly when you’d rather it didn’t…

Naturally sensitive skin: Your skin is thin, light, often a little dry; its top layer might get scaly, it flushes easily (maybe the beginning of couperosis)

Reactional sensitive skin: Cold, sun, wind, ill-suited cleansers or moisturizers “hurt” your skin. Your skin might react strongly to a peeling or a laser procedure.

Occasional skin sensitivity: Skin disorder such as seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea acne…. These situations can increase your skin sensitivity

Sensitivity for each skin type:

Dehydrated skin: Pulling and discomfort.
Dry to very dry skin: Weakening of protective functions, fine lines appear,
Combination to oily skin: Small shiny areas around the nose and the upper cheeks.
Environmentally sensitive skin: Immediate reaction to the slightest upset.

Difference between Sensitive skin and Sensitized skin:

Sensitive skin: Your skin pulls, itches. It reacts strongly to wind, cold, ill-suited products, harsh cleansing or hard water. Sometimes this sensitivity becomes exacerbated: The skin doesn’t experience any relief from standard cosmetic moisturizers. It can’t stand anything. It becomes allergic. It starts to itch, pull, gets red and scaly..

Sensitized skin: Certain intolerances to cleansers or moisturizers are in fact true allergies responsible for eczema or urticaria. Consult your physician to find the cause of this allergy.

What causes sensitive skin?

Several factors are involved:
– Using ill-suited cosmetic products
– Environmental factors: pollution, wind, sun…
– Lifestyle: Stress, tobacco…


There is often a confusion between sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin. People who think they have a

llergic skin often have very sensitive skin, even intolerant skin which overreacts to certain products, topical medications, dermo-cosmetic cleansers or moisturizers. An allergy is caused by an immune response. The symptoms include red patches with small eczema blisters, strong itching, swelling and oozing pruritus that is sometimes severe.

See which products your skin needs: Do your skin diagnosis here

How to treat sensitive skin

The first step is to reduce or avoid, whenever possible, factors that trigger this sensitivity;
– Use cosmetic products specifically formulated for sensitive skin
– Avoid irritating and drying cleansers.
– If hard faucet water bothers your skin, use gentle, no-rinse products and following cleansing, spray a fine mist of thermal spring water on your skin.
– Select products that are as neutral as possible: Minimum number of ingredients, no alcohol…
– Do not use products containing certain key ingredients known to be irritating.

Where to find it

Eau Thermale Avène will be available on Ruby Box

For more, visit www.rubybox.co.za





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