Let Go And Let God

We’ve all heard the saying, Let Go and Let God – yet how many of us actually do?

It’s all a question of faith, real faith, true steadfast faith, absolutely unwavering and free of doubt.  It’s about knowing that you are not alone and that all your most deepest yearnings, wants and needs are known by a higher power.  And it’s about knowing that you will always be assisted in achieving those deepest yearnings, wants and needs, if you just let go and hand over to God.  It truly is that simple.

When we worry about things in our life and the same story goes around and around in our heads, we need to understand that we don’t achieve anything except to give power to the very things that we are worried about.  To worry is to have fear.  All emotion is energy and to feed into our fear, makes it stronger and keeps us ever-spiralling downwards into despair.

When we worry about things and ask for assistance and believe completely and without doubt that we will be helped, we immediately feel the stress release from our physical being.  We feel our shoulders lighter and we no longer hear our own voice of doubt playing through all sorts of scenarios in our heads!  And once we have handed over our problems, we need to make ourselves consciously aware of what happens in our life.  Because help comes to us in strange ways sometimes, and when we’re not consciously aware, we miss out because we weren’t paying attention.

I’m always reminded of a story where a man found himself sitting on top of his house after a massive rainstorm had caused a flood.  There was no help in site and the man prayed asking for God to help him.  A helicopter came flying over him and he ignored it thinking that God was going to help him.  Then a boat came by and he ignored that too.  Eventually the water flowed up over his house and he drowned.  On entering heaven, he asked God why he didn’t help and this was God’s reply :  I sent you a helicopter and you ignored it, I sent you a boat and you ignored that too.

Help and support comes to us every day through the people that we interact with and so do the answers to our prayers.  It’s all about understanding that we were never sent into this lifetime alone and that it is through our daily interactions and relationships with our fellow human beings, that we learn, that we grow and that we get guidance and assistance from our Creator.  That is how it has always been and how it will always be.  Each and every one of us is a representation of our Father God, an extension of his beauty, strength and creative ability.  Know then that your help does come from the Lord who made heaven and earth and that He will move heaven and earth to help us too.  We just have to make sure that we understand how He operates and keep our eyes and ears open for the answers that He sends to us every day.

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