Be Inspired This Monday


Do you feel ready to walk with the giants? Then make these decisions:

Release scarcity and adopt generosity as your main way of thinking…

Forgive the unforgiven, as you are carrying them on your back…

It’s Monday, but don’t let that get you down. It’s time to be inspired to walk with the giants. Here’s what you need to do!

— Understand that every person who has shown up in your life arrived to help you become the person you now are. Appreciate and love them.

— Trust that suffering grows strength and your trials can serve your growth vastly. The best of us who have graced this earth leveraged their pain into greater humility, bravery and love.

— Commit to doing the projects that terrify you and shifting from accepting good work from yourself to demanding legendary production from yourself.

— Never miss an opportunity to serve or encourage another human.

— Refuse to cling to stagnation. Complacency destroys potentially awesome lives. So as you rise to new levels of success and joy, keep optimizing.

Everyday Miracles

— Aggressively notice the miracles in every so-called average day. They are there for those awake enough to witness them.

— Smile at strangers, do kind things for zero return and be polite (it’s so uncool to be rude).

— Make a stop doing list so you delete the misuses of your oh so precious time.

— Less news more books. Period.

— Be a person of depth, wisdom, understanding, ingenuity, audacity, decency and love. At the end, even the finest of us will have wished we’d loved more. So do it now. Please.

— Remember that we get what we settle for, so set audacious goals that evoke the fiery brilliance that resides within you.

— Write hand written thank you notes to your mentors and those who have helped you. In a world of digital, it shows how much you care.

I believe in your talents, gifts and dreams.

Stay strong. Stay true. Be great.


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  1. Lisa Avatar

    I have recently started reading books again after a period of almost 3 years of not reading. I read everything now……fiction, non fiction, biogs, autobiogs, poetry….it’s given me a new viewpoint in my life…….I agree with most of these point but THE MOST on reading books. Everyone should be reading.

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