Complexion Perfection: Becca Cosmetics Review

Becca Cosmetics

Written by: Bronwyn from Mother City Mom

I’ve seen Becca products raved about on overseas blogs for the longest time, and although I’ve been aware we can get Becca here for I’ve only just got around to trying this makeup brand now. And all I can say is: where have you been all my life? Becca is synonymous with revealing your natural beauty, not covering it up. I believe makeup should look effortless and enhance rather than engulf your face, and Becca places emphasis on perfecting your complexion… Once you have beautiful skin everything else is secondary. I guess Instagram didn’t get the memo.

Becca is available in SA via their website

Two of the products I got were the Backlight Priming Filter (R510) and the Compact Concealer.

I’d been wanting the primer for ages and I was not disappointed. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser…simple elegance. But it’s what’s inside that counts. What this primer does is give your skin a beautiful lit-from-within sort of glow so if you’re more oily skinned you might not be looking for an extra ‘glow’ but if your skin is dry or dull and you like some added radiance then this is such a beautiful product. And it smells nice too, but doesn’t have a strong, synthetic scent.

Becca Cosmetics Review

It also has a slight blurring effect and just makes your skin look better. It has a pearly sheen to it, and is a light beige colour. On its own it can lighten your skin tone slightly if you have a more medium to dark skin tone.

This is great under a more matte foundation to get a bit more natural play of light on your skin, but I use it under Chanel Les Beiges foundation which is more of a dewy, glowy foundation and it just amps up the radiance a bit. You can also mix a bit in with your foundation for some luminosity. As I said, if your skin is oily you probably won’t welcome this, but it claims to be suitable for all skins, including combination and oily. But speaking for myself, I have been feeling pretty perky with my new glowy skin.

Becca Cosmetics Review


Becca is running a special where you get a gift worth R350 on purchases over R1000. I got this concealer and it was the perfect shade match. That’s some wizardry right there. I got the Compact Concealer (R390) in the shade banana. This is probably the best concealer I’ve ever tried. It just blends in like a dream. It is actually quite dry, not as creamy as Bobbi Brown’s, but it still blends effortlessly and disappears into your skin leaving no trace of itself or of whatever you’re trying to cover.

Becca Cosmetics Review

One half is medium coverage and the other half is extra coverage, so I usually use the medium coverage under my eyes (and a tiny bit goes a long way!) and the extra coverage on this one pesky pigmentation spot on the side of my face, and any blemish I might have. Once it is on it doesn’t budge, doesn’t crease under my eyes or wipe away easily, so I often apply this concealer first and top up with a bit of foundation afterwards. I find I use less foundation that way because I have less to cover, and a buffing brush doesn’t brush this concealer away in the process.

The combination of the Backlight Priming Filter and the Compact Concealer have been making me smile every single morning. I don’t have much time to throw on makeup in the mornings, but at least I know my skin is going to look flawless and radiant when I do the school run, if nothing else! This quote from Becca’s founder just sums it up:


– Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder

I have a review of their beach and eye tints coming up this week, so you can look out for that too if you’re keen on trying this beautiful cruelty-free brand.

Source: Written By Bronwyn from Mother City Mom





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