The Best Of 2017 – Healthy Eating

healthy eating

We have our own ideas of “healthy food”. It could be steamed chicken breast with a side of greens. Or, a plain and boring meal that’s not satisfying at all. But, “healthy eating” doesn’t have to involve eating bland and uninviting food.

It’s time to stop sacrificing your favourite meals in the name of eating right. That’s why, we’ve put together some of our best articles on health eating from 2017.



What You Should Be Eating For Thinning Hair

food for thinning hair

At some point, most of us will lose some of the hair we’d rather keep. Very few people have the same amount of hair they had in their youth. When you consider the fact that hair plays an important part in how attractive you feel, you can’t stop trying to grow more hair or stop losing the hair you already have. Well, it’s time to take a look at what you’re eating as there’s a very strong link between the state of your strands and your overall nutrition.

Stabilise Your Blood Sugar By Eating These Four Snacks

blood sugar

Hunger can lead to spikes and dips in blood sugar that causes irritability, dizziness and weakness. This in turn can increase your risk of diabetic related complications, including stroke, blindness, high blood pressure, nerve damage, hearing loss, kidney disease and amputations. Therefore, you have to maintain healthy blood sugar levels especially if you’re diabetic. One of the best ways to avoid the roller coaster is by eating foods with a low glycaemic index (GI) at regular intervals throughout the day. These foods can slow down your absorption of sugar and in turn help you stabilise your blood sugar.

Four Foods For Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Four Foods For Beautiful Healthy Skin

With the beginning of spring, comes an abundance of energy. The air is alive, the trees and flowers start to bloom, and the best fresh fruits and vegetables are available everywhere. Although spring flourishes with its beauty, sunshine and radiance, you can make this one your best ever! You can do this by eating the right foods that nourish your skin that you don’t feel the need to hide behind make-up.

Five Diet Tips For A Healthy Brain

Healthy Brain

Every feeling, thought and action depends on your brain. It’s one of your most valuable assets. Therefore, you have to ensure you’re eating the right foods for brain health and mental wellness. When you feed your brain cells well, you’re less anxious, sharper and more vibrant. what’s more, you are a healthy weight because you’re getting the nutrients you need from fewer calories. So, here’s how to really eat for a healthy brain.

Six Healthy Reasons To Eat Pineapple

Eat Pineapple

What you might not know about pineapple is how infinitely useful it is to us than just as a garnish for tropical drinks. It’s a fantastic natural remedy that people all over the world use to treat most ailments. It’s not only sweet and delicious but literally pure medicine! Here are my top six reasons to enjoy.

How To Build A Relationship With Healthy Food

healthy food

Yeah right! Relationship with food? Oh… yes! Healthy food is not the enemy. And, if you build a good relationship with it and love it, you’ll be super-healthy. You see, love has a lot to do with the food choices you make, including your eating patterns. If you train your palate to appreciate and love healthy foods, you can be well on your way to not only vibrant health but a slim figure too! So, if you’re ready to get started, then here are three tips to get hooked on healthy food…

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