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natural beauty is only skin deep

When you look in the mirror without make up, do you look your age? Are you relying on beauty defying products or are you eating to keep our skin looking younger and healthier? If you’re eating right then you’re on the right path.

After all, “You are what you eat.” However, this is also that time of year when you spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying activities with family and spend little time caring for your skin. That’s why we’ve put together our best beauty articles and hope you find them useful.


Five Ways To Use Lemon In Your Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

It’s important to use some organic natural skincare products in your beauty routine. In fact, the best way to know what’s in your beauty products is to make your own. That’s where lemons come in. Thanks to the wonderful properties of lemons, you can enjoy their remarkable beauty benefits. So, here are five ways to use this awesome and affordable fruit in your beauty routine.

Unleash Your Inner And Outer Beauty With These Oils

Outer Beauty

When you have great skin, you exude inner and outer beauty. You glow with it. However, if you have dull, dry skin, it overshadows your inner beauty, no matter how great it is. What you need are fatty natural oils that make for powerful anti-ageing beauty foods when you use them both internally and externally. And today, we’ll tell you about four oils that will leave you feeling and looking amazing from the inside out.

How To Use Hemp Oil In Your Beauty Routine

hemp oil

Everything’s been said about the wonders of Hemp oil. It’s the only plant source of vitamin D, is brimming with amino acid variety, is loaded with the best essential fatty acids ratio and is the most unsaturated oil. But, have you heard how excellent it is for your skin? Yes it is! In fact, Hemp oil can replace most of your skincare products. Here are five ways to use it.

Why you should Ensure your Beauty Products are Sulphate Free

Sulphate free

So, you’ve decided to avoid sulphates. However, you still have to get clean to stay healthy. When you clean, you remove sweat, dead skin, dirt and the excess oil and bacteria you don’t need. Sulphates make this whole process much more efficient. But, what exactly are sulphates? And, more importantly, what’s wrong with them? Click here to read on.

Four Amazing Health And Beauty Uses For Epsom Salt

Four Amazing Health And Beauty Uses For Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one of those things I always keep on hand for its many household, health and beauty uses. As much as it’s famous for its detoxifying benefits, using it in your beauty treatments is one easy way to improve your magnesium levels. Epsom salt is also a natural anti-inflammation remedy and gentle exfoliant that helps treat dry skin and speeds up the healing process of small wounds. And today, I want to share four ways you can use Epsom salt to stay healthy and look beautiful in the comfort of your own home.

10 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

Natural Beauty Products

Mother Nature offers an abundance of ingredients for beauty products. Therefore, you don’t have to spend thousands of rands on the usual expensive, chemically infused products. Instead, give these ten fabulous all-natural at-home beauty treatments a go.

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