Black Gold Jewellery Launches Raven Collection

Raven shoot

Jewellery designer, Kristin Weixelbaumer celebrated the launch of her Raven Collection under her new premium brand, Black Gold at Anvl Kraft in Woodstock, Cape Town on Thursday 17 March 2016.

During the night Black Gold showcased the Raven fashion still shoot & film. The prints were hang from hangers off an industrial rail in between unique jewellery cabinets, where the Raven Collection was beautifully laid out over skulls, ceramic, wooden and metal display objects. The film was played in a cinema styled area with cordless headphones & popcorn. The film is a finalist at the Bokeh Film Festival.

Actress and model Zigi Strydom was the inspiration behind both the movie and shoot. “Zigi embodies the Raven collection through and through with her exquisite, ‘Uma Thurman/ Lana Del Ray’ confidence and constant brave presence. She is a Raven and you can’t help noticing a Raven when you find one.” said Kristin.

Raven Shoot event | Photography: Larry English Photography & Nicholas Voster

Guests were served cocktails & drinks by Black Bottle Whiskey (who had a captivating setup at the entrance bar) and Rose’s RDT. An exquisite spread of cheeses, breads and other delicious treats were laid out around an old BSA Bantam bike on a raw, wooden table, which guests enjoyed throughout the night.

Bantam Bike | Photography: Larry English Photography & Nicholas Voster

Rock ‘n roll beats were played by one of South Africa’s best DJ’s, Tommy Gun, so it was inevitable that dance moves came out to play.


Guests included singer & songwriter Chad Saaiman, TV Presenter & Stylist Tracy-Lee Rosslind, TV Presenter Kamini Pather, Radio Presenter Tammy B, features writer of Glamour Magazine, Nandi Ndlovu and lifestyle blogger Samantha Taylor. People were invited to join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #BlackGoldRaven


Alexandra Hojer Atelier
156 Bree Street

Monday – Friday 10-5 / Saturday 10-2

+27 (0)21 424 1674

Black Betty & Gold Showroom

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By Appointment – Business hours are M-F 9am through 5pm Eastern Standard Time


black gold
Black Gold & Raven


In 2016, Black Gold Jewellery emerged as a premium extension of the Black Betty brand (which designer Kristin Weixelbaumer founded in 2012), extending their spectrum of compatibility to the most luxurious and life-changing occasions.

Weixelbaumer believes that jewellery is more than decoration. The relationship between the wearer and each piece honors the origin of the material and its inherent nature. We believe that there is a sense of magic in wearing a polished and cherished fragment of the earth on your person. The reward for this is jewellery with a sense of femininity, intent and connectedness.


Black Gold Raven
Black Gold & Raven

Once the sun descends and the night sky starts to sparkle, Black Betty becomes Black Gold – our premium range for premium occasions. Rooted in the same ethos of spontaneity and authenticity, Black Gold projects a more focused intent, designed to garner attention and be cherished for a lifetime. Characterised by the regal combination of gold and diamonds, these pieces are assets as much as they are accessories.

Hand craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our creative process, and we value the essence of humanity inherent in imperfection. Utilising hand-cut precious and semi-precious stones suspended in treasured metals, every Black Gold piece is wholly unique, and an expression of personality. Our extensive range of pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets spans the spectrum from daily to ceremonial, with something for any mood, occasion, or cosmic age.

Black Gold | RAVEN

black gold
Black Gold Raven

RAVEN is the exposition of our shadow self; an emissary from the inky side of our consciousness. True knowledge of self can only begin once we embrace our darkest fears and desires, and the RAVEN collection manifests this awareness.  Inspired by the lore of cultures from across the globe, designs in the RAVEN collection draw on ancient totems and symbols like the snake, the skull, the feather, and the arrow, formulating a mythical narrative in their adornment. Black and white diamonds set in either silver or gold characterise this premium collection, glimmering like dew on a moonlit spider web, or a stolen glimpse of your lover’s eyes in the rearview mirror as you cruise through some unknown town.

Materials: 14-18k gold, silver, gold plated, precious stones, black diamonds

Price Range: ZAR590-32500 / USD50-2550

Target Market: 30-50 Women

Keywords: Dark, Adventurous, Rebel, and Sexy.


When we choose models for our shoots it’s not about how beautiful they are, there needs to be depth to them, a story to tell… and the story needs to go hand in hand with the reason behind the collection.

Zigi Strydom (the actress/ model) was the inspiration – she embodies the Raven collection through and through with her exquisite, ‘Uma Thurman/ Lana Del Ray’ confidence and constant brave presence. She is a Raven and you can’t help noticing a Raven when you find one. It started out as a quick ‘no-mess-no-fuss’ still shoot but as Zigi started unfolding, the project’s depth seemed never ending. When we finally got on set (after loads of brainstorms, wardrobe meetings, heaps of organisation, location visit and the first shoot date being cancelled) the collaboration consisted of a caravan parked on a beautiful farm in Napier, 4x exquisite old cars (Lincoln, Galaxy, Hudson, El Camino) with their drivers and girlfriends, 1x Harley Davidson, 1x filmmaker, 1x photographer, Zigi, her husband, Warren, and their 2x beautiful children, 2x stylists, 2x make up artists, 2x production magicians, 2x set designers and a ridiculously hot soundtrack.

Film maker, Peter Verster Cohen and photographer, Stephen Greeff, both had solid visions of what they wanted to capture and I think they pulled it off better then anyone could ever have imagined. Peter, then took the film to the next level with his beautiful story telling and editing, getting sound guru, James Matthes, copy writer, Riordan Allen and husky voice over artist, Christopher Stein, involved which allowed the film to soar…

… but it all started with Zigi, a magical woman who is not afraid to dance with her shadows in the moonlight with is exactly what The Raven Collection is about. I hope this work inspires all who experience it to do the same.

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Peter Verster-Cohen| Stephen Greeff | Kristin Weixelbaumer

DOP: Peter Verster-Cohen | Stephen Greeff

PHOTOGRAPHER: Stephen Greeff

EDITING: Peter Verster-Cohen


SCRIPT: Riordan Allen

VOICE OVER: Christopher Stein

CAST: Zigi Strydom| Warren Strydom (Lincoln) | Chevelle-Mari Strydom | Lincoln-Gabriel | Uriah van Zyl (Galaxy) | Maria Vasco | Jet Pieters (Hudson) | Gina-Louise Nell | Steven Pitt (El Camino) | Inge van der Westhuizen

LOCATION: Fairfield Farm |Video Cartel

PRODUCTION: Celeste Munge | Alain Ferrier 

STYLISTS: Ula Wawel | Caroline Hicks

HAIR & MAKEUP: Naveen Scello | Charmaine De Cock

SET DESIGN : Klaudia Weixelbaumer | Kristin Weixelbaumer


ANVL Kraft is a business focused on the age old tradition of craftsmanship.

Their main focus is metal fabrication to customise motorcycles – they design and fabricate all of their motorcycles and stick to the traditional art & heritage of custom motorcycle design.

They also continue their design and craftsmanship into furniture and store design.

In the near future they will also apply the same skills into car customisation.

For further information:

Lorinda Voges from 4Elementsmedia at






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