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Bliss Superfood Snacks Director, Juliet Haines, shares her story about how she found bliss in life after her struggle with very strict regimented healthy eating that was suffocating her joy and nourishment of food.




There is a fine line between eating healthy and healthy eating turning into very strict regimented eating, resulting to your joy and nourishment being suffocated in the process. More people, mostly females, especially in their teens, who starts a very strict healthy diet, is at risk of crossing this line unknowingly and might only realize it until it’s too late.

Here is Juliet’s story as revealed in her interview by Real-Wellness;

Juliet Haines
Juliet Haines

As a child I used to live on crackling, cream donuts, roast potatoes, iced coffee and a sugary chocolate. As a teenager, I started feeling very self conscious about my body, I was uncomfortable in my skin, I wanted to eat healthily, but I didn’t know what was healthy so I started to search for alternatives. I would eat those processed energy bars and so called ‘health’ muffins. In my twenties I became regimented around food, very hard on myself and for 10 years I was Vegan. I couldn’t enjoy a glass of wine or if I ate a desert I would be hard on myself for days and exercise 3 time the next day to ‘work off the guilt!

After learning about ‘Superfoods’ and my own inner self exploration, I learnt about the benefits of adding raw food into my diet and how raw chocolate is actually one of the highest anti oxidants in the world! I was happy to learn that chocolate in its raw form is actually healthy, yay! So I started to experiment with raw chocolate desert and snack recipes. I also realised through my inner self exploration how important food is for self love and nurturance…also what you put into your body effects the way you feel.

I was searching for healthy alternatives to sugar and coffee and I learnt if I mix herbs like ginseng, foti, sceletium, algae and maca with raw chocolate, I felt a natural sustainable lift in my energy as apposed to eating and drinking sugar, where I would feel a lift in my energy, but then a crash. These ‘Superfoods’ were having a mood enhancing effect on my body and mixing them with good sugar like dates, and raisins and good fats like brazil and cashew nuts, I was creating this yummy feel good chocolate treat, which is super healthy for the body, heart and mind.

I became interested in how food holds consciousness, what I mean by this is when I made food with love and blessed my food before eating, prepared the space beautifully, sat at a table and ate my food slowly and felt the nourishment of my food absorbing into every cell of my body I could feel the love and nourishment the food was giving me.

Then I thought I want to share Bliss with the world. I want to provide people with a feel good, yummy, guilt free, chocolate snack infused with blessings of happiness. I want people to enjoy eating Bliss Balls and to share them with their friends and loved ones, to have a Bliss Ball moment in the day and for this to be a reminder for them to love self, others and the our earth.

What makes Raw Superfood so good for you? 

Raw superfood is nutrient dense and is food in its highest vibrational state; for example a raw juice has ingredients that are still alive so the cells in your body are fueled with that same high level of natural energy. So when I eat food that is full of life I feel alive! Bliss Superfood Snacks are made with 100% raw organic ingredients.

What makes the Chocolate in Bliss Superfood Snacks guilt free?

Raw Cacao (Chocolate) in its natural form is one of the highest antioxidants in the world ­so it’s really good for you; ­providing numerous health benefits.

With chocolate bars or snacks that you buy in the shops, a lot of sugar is added in the preparation and the cacao is heated (so it loses its health qualities) and it’s the sugar which is not good for you – causing blood sugar spikes, obesity, digestive issues, mood swings and other health issues.

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