Book Review – Cafe Food At Home

Cafe Food At Home

Last week we brought you our first book review in our brand new literary section. We have had book review requests from people all over the world, and we will be bringing you plenty more fiction reviews soon. For this week, however, we are reviewing ‘Cafe Food At Home’

Book: Cafe Food At Home

Type: non fiction, food recipes 

Author: Evan Faull

Good taste, both figuratively and literally, is covered by a book I have enjoyed paging through – Cafe food at home by Evan Faull with photographs by Craig Fraser has a fresh appeal and an approach to good food that is seemingly uncomplicated and winning. The claim is that “this book is about crowd-pleasing, easy-to-make food at its finest”. It certainly works for me.

Faull is noted for artisan baking and he sets out to demystify the art of baking – or should I say crafting – a fine loaf. He takes you through what he calls a ‘breaducation’ which I found fascinating.

He lists the crucial skills for bread making as accuracy, tenderness, patience and warmth. Steadfastly resisting weights and measures and with patience not being my long suit this clearly confirms that baking is a science beyond me.

Cafe Food At Home
Evan Faull’s recipe book is essential for budding cooks

But for the diligent cook, it seems that a good home baked loaf is a breeze if you follow Faull’s clear instructions.

Besides breads and other yummy baked indulgences, the book is filled with robust and healthy recipes that sound and look delicious. The salads and soups had an instant appeal for me. The recipes do not intimidate and there’s a direct approach to good food that I find very appealing.

That combination of quality ingredients and a fresh, uncomplicated approach to putting it all together makes for results that are in very good taste.

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SOURCE – review written by Philip Todres





4 responses to “Book Review – Cafe Food At Home”

  1. oscar Avatar

    the baker’s companion!

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Oscar
      I agree, this baking looks absolutely delicious

  2. Pascal Avatar

    even the cover looks lekker!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      The cover took our eye as well, Pascal. The recipes inside are even better. Thanks for your comment.

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