Brain Boosters, Body Boosters and Fat Burners

We’re always looking for the most effective and trusted health supplements on the market, and from time to time we find a range that we really believe will benefit the health of our readership in a big way.

Recently we discovered Solal’s range of health supplements, including Anti-anxiety, Collagen Skin Essentials, Problem Skin formula and many more. Today, however, we wanted to focus on just three of the products in the range, and why they are so beneficial: Brain boosters, body boosters and fat burners!


Brain Boosters
For exhausted minds and bodies

Long term stress will exhaust the adrenal glands over a period of time. The body relies on these glands to manufacture the stress-coping and anti-fatigue hormone called cortisol. Burnout is manufactured for people who are suffering from exhaustion bought on by long-term exposure to stress.

It works by nourishing the adrenal glands and supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism. It also contains concentrated herbal extracts for enhanced effectiveness.

I’ve been using Burnout for just over a month, taking two a day as indicated. I’ve found that it has had a huge effect on my energy levels, especially after finishing work. I also have a young baby, and energy is hard to come by when dealing with all that comes with an infant, but Burnout has really helped! See for yourself here.

Irvingia Plus Fat Burner

Irvingia Plus Fat Burner contains a purified plant extract from the African mango, combined with berberine, kelp, Panax ginseng and other nutrients that promote leptin sensitivity and improved adiponectin levels which are important for healthy weight management.

Full of naturally found ingredients, Irvingia Plus promotes healthy metabolism, thyroid function and even stress management.

We have received great reviews from users regarding this product, and if you have any yourself please feel free to comment in the section below and tell us your experiences with Irvingia Plus Fat Burner. You can also purchase it from our online store here.

Brain Boosters
Use it to increase your attention span and memory.

Brain Booster

Third on our list is Solal’s Brain Booster. To get the ‘science bit’ out of the way, Brain Booster contains micronutrients that protect brain nerves and boost levels of two brain neurotransmitters (dopamine and acetylcholine) responsible for memory, focus, concentration and attention-span.

I used Brain Booster for a period of two months (1 box). I found that my attention was far more focused, allowing me to concentrate when working for much longer periods of time.

I also wanted to mention that I felt sharper in every aspect. Brain Booster increased my ‘get up and go’, and I will be using it whenever I feel stuck in a rut. You can of course purchase it on our online store here.


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3 responses to “Brain Boosters, Body Boosters and Fat Burners”

  1. Patricia Taylor Avatar
    Patricia Taylor

    Thanks Josh, I will be trying out the Solal Irvingia Plus fat burner, as I know Solal products are of the highest quality.

  2. anni Avatar

    will be trying out the fat burner..think I need it now it’s coming to summer

    1. Joshua Avatar

      It has great potential. Plus it’s all natural so you won’t see any side effects.

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