Can Nighttime Eating Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts?

Can Nighttime Eating Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts?

I’ve read some nasty rumours about how nighttime snacking can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Is this really true? Well, not if you do it right! In fact, there are foods you can snack on that aid weight loss.

Yes, snacking on low-fat yoghurt and cherries before bedtime can actually make you more successful at losing weight. Allow me to explain.


How snacking on low-fat yoghurt and cherries at night can aid weight loss

They’ll help improve your quality of sleep

Low-fat yoghurt and cherries can help you sleep better due to some serious snooze-inducing chemicals they contain. If you have sleeping problems, you’ve probably heard or read somewhere that cherries can help you get a good night’s sleep.

They’ll help lower your appetite the next day

Yes, they do! You see, low-fat yoghurt and cherries are packed with sleep-inducing chemicals which help you sleep better and for longer. The result? Your well rested body ends up eating less the next day and you weigh less in general. This is because your body feels more restored and energised when you’ve had sufficient sleep which leaves you less hungry.

You’ll work out better and for longer

Yoghurt is especially great for increasing your endurance levels. This is all thanks to a protein – casein that it contains. Casein helps your muscles recover faster from a tough workout. And, when your body’s is fully recovered, you’ll power through your next sweat session better! The result? Uh, you’ll burn more calories, of course.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on the hunt for cherries and definitely stocking up on low fat yoghurt. Here’s to midnight snacking!

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