Can Ozone Therapy Kill Cancer Cells?

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Although Ozone Therapy is not a cure for Cancer, it definitely is an effective way to kill Cancerous cells!  Through stress, pollution – internal pollution within our bodies, as well as external pollution from the environment, oxygen in our bodies are vastly depleted and people are developing Cancer cells faster. Newly formed cells can turn cancerous when oxygen levels are too low. It therefore makes sense to oxygenate every cell in the body to ensure optimum health. So how do we ensure that our bodies are sufficiently oxygenated?



One of the most beneficial ways to do this, is to ingest substances that increase the level of oxygen – ozone, hydrogen peroxide and magensuim peroxide are the best substances for this.

Scientific studies on the medical administration of ozone therapy, spanning over 100 years, have shown that if ozone is properly introduced to the body through repeated applications, toxins are removed from the body. It’s also shown that virtually no unhealthy body cell or pathogen is resistant to ozone. In fact, ozone builds new and healthy cells, which ultimately leads to healthy body systems.

Many modern day diseases are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level (hypoxia), according to Dr. Otto Warburg, two-time Nobel Prize winner.  Ozone therapy targets the root cause of these conditions, based on its powerful therapeutic tool for curing disease.  It also acts as a preventative measure against disease.

Waste products are built up in the body over time, and require additional oxygen to oxidise the toxins. Oftentimes additional oxygen isn’t available, which is why ozone therapy is so impactful, as it eliminates toxicity from the body.  Ozone treatments on a regular basis, will result in the body being cleansed from toxins over time, resulting in optimum wellness.

Ozone inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa.  It stimulates the immune system, cleanses arteries and veins, improves circulation, purifies the blood and lymph and normalizes hormone and enzyme production.  It further reduces pain and inflammation and calms nerves. The effect it has shown in all chronic allergies, asthma, hay fever and in chronic fatigue syndrome has been particularly impressive.

Ozone can be administered through intravenous ozone treatments, allowing precise dosages being delivered directly into the blood stream.

It can also be administered through the inhalation of olive oil. This works well as treatment for asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Other methods of ozone administrations are ear insufflation, bagging or funneling (cupping).

The treatments are safe as healthy cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating and can’t be penetrated by ozone.  Bacteria and viruses on the other hand have no such coating, and are oxidized when oming into contact with ozone.

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It is important to know that ozone is not a drug or a miracle cure-all. The basic principle of ozone treatment is that the system is being cleansed of toxic wastes stored in the body.  Depending on how much cleansing is required, it is a process that takes time and effort to clean what’s required.

If you’re considering ozone therapy, it must be done as part of a lifestyle change. The cleanliness of the system depends on how you manage your life.  Junk food, smoking and drinking and other such habits build up toxins in your system and it will take longer for the ozone to do its job.  The good news is that it is reversible!

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Ozone Therapy is the most effective way to increase the oxygen levels in our bodies. But there are also other products and methods available which promotes skin and cell renewal to assist your body’s defenses in fighting off Cancer and other health threats related to oxygen depletion in the cells.

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