Cape Town Art Fair

One of the highlights in my annual calendar is attending the Cape Town Art Fair. It gets bigger, and better each year. The main attraction of the show is that it brings art from Africa to the world, and in many ways, it brings the world to South Africa. One dedicated space is the temporary home to the Arts over these few days.

Originally, the Fair focused on Contemporary art only, but now, I am pleased to announce that they have a great mix of Contemporary art, and Old Masters. I love this combination, since it offers the opportunity to art collectors and artists alike to the see the progression of fine art. This way, we are able to see how, when artists are exposed to wide audiences, they evolve into becoming old masters.

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African art is so incredibly diverse, as there is so much around us to inspire our talented artists. We have the geographical beauty that Africa offers, ranging from our seascapes, to mountain ranges, and a large range of landscapes. We have a variety of diverse cultural heritages which inspire artists to reach into the very souls of our people.

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I was so engrossed in my own stroll around the Art Fair, that I missed the curated one that I was going to join. For the first time this year they had curated tours showing visitors around the galleries and the art on show. Be sure to join one of these if you are ever afforded the opportunity at any exhibition or gallery. It is always so wonderful to learn from such knowledgeable people, and it deepens our art appreciation.

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I am a lover of fine art and all things cultural, and I am so delighted that South Africa is now hosting top quality exhibitions. We have the most brilliant artists, amazing art galleries, and finally the opportunity to be able to enjoy the arts.

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Many questions were continuously raised during the Art Fair, and I am going to be writing a lot more on art to answer some of these questions.

If you would like to add to the list below, please feel free to leave a comment:

What is contemporary art? 
What are old masters? 
What is investment art? 
How do you begin collecting art?

And my favourite one is always

Why would someone pay so much money for this, when my child could paint it better for free?






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