What Coconut Water Can Do For Your Health

I am sure you are in on all the hype that coconut water is good for you, and should be incorporated into your daily ‘water intake’, but have you actually taken the time to see WHY it is good for your health, and will it benefit you as an individual?

While you stroll through the health isles of your favorite stores, I am sure that one of the products that really capture your eye is coconut water. Is it their really cool marketing campaigns that attract us to purchase these items, or is it in-fact beneficial to your longevity?


Yes, Coconut Water has got a whole list of beneficial properties, and Yes we agree 100% that you should be drinking this deliciousness everyday!

Some of the reasons why I believe Coconut Water plays a roll in good health is:

  1. Coconut water promotes good skin due to all it’s beneficial nutrients, it provides the skin cells with proper hydration which gives you that extra glow, and did you know you can even use is topically (meaning actually putting coconut water on your skin / facial area) which helps combat blemishes and acne.
  1. Good quality Coconut Water Brands contain no artificial sugars, because it is naturally sweet and delicious. It is also low in fat, low in calories, cholesterol free and has loads of potassium.
  1. Hydration is key! All of our bodies need hydration to get through our day, and often its so tough to stop and remember to drink 2l of water a day. Luckily, Coconut Water has got such an amazing hydration element to it, just one a day can keep you going for longer
  1. Yes, the answer everyone has been looking for, Coconut Water does indeed aid in Weight-loss Efforts.
  1. The elecrolytes in Coconut Water promote good gut health, due to its easily digestible fibres.
  1. Due to the no-sugar-content and the natural energy it provides, Coconut Water is in fact better than a sports drink. It keeps you hydrated, keeps you energized, and keeps you healthy!

Where can I purchase a good quality Coconut Water?

Vita Coco is available at WOOLWORTHS Stores nationwide, independent retailers, lifestyle and fitness centres.

It retails from R22,95 for the 330ml and R54,95 for the 1 Litre.

For more information, visit www.vitacoco.com/za or follow @VitaCocoZA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Vita Coco comes in 4 various flavours: Original, Peach, Pineapple, and Lemon

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.23.00 PM

Vita Coco High Res



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  1. Luluthando Avatar

    Aides weight loss? then you can count me in on coconut water

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Luluthando
      I agree. It is so delicious, and has the added benefit of helping with weight loss.

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