Are You Making These Common Moisturiser Mistakes?


Moisturiser Mistakes : Cleansing, toning and moisturising form a very important part of our beauty regime. Each and every part of the beauty regime has to be done perfectly to get the flawless skin you have always dreamed of. For instance, cleansing has to be done twice a day to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, oil, sweat and of course make up. The right way to cleanse your face is by gently massaging it in circles moving outwards of your face skin. The same theory applies to moisturising your face, there is a proper method to do it. Hence, in this post we bring you the some very common moisturising mistakes that you commit.

1. You skip it

It’s a part of the regime. You can’t just skip it. Also, hydrated or well moisturised skin makes you look more youthful as the light gets reflected in the correct manner.

I have a friend with an oily skin who always justifies that she does not need a moisturiser as the oil in her skin does it for her. If that is exactly what you have also been thinking, here is a fact to prove you wrong.

The reason your skin becomes oily is because its oil glands secrete more and more oil to compensate for the dryness. So basically, you just need to apply a light moisturiser or a little bit of sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 before leaving the house in the day.

For other occasions, you may apply face gel, it is usually water based, very light and non-greasy- simply safe to use.

2. Rough application

Rough Application

Every step of your skin care has to be done subtly, especially the application. This is where most women go wrong- thinking that a rough massage boosts the blood circulation of the skin. But this is a wrong notion. The blood circulation gets better when you gently massage your skin upon application, especially in a circular motion.

I remember a beautician had once suggested me to use my little and ring finger for the massage. This is because they are weaker in strength, hence enables you to apply a very subtle pressure while you apply your moisturiser.

3. Skin type

As we are all aware of, you should purchase products according to your skin type. But sadly, not everyone follows this ultimate rule despite knowing its importance. I have seen teens purchasing moisturisers only because their favourite celebrity endorsed it. Allow me to warn you, this is a huge mistake.

You should ALWAYS consult dermatologists regardless of age about any product you are about to use. It is okay to experiment with a product, but only after getting thorough information about it as it holds a great risk of damaging your skin.

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4. Using the same moisturiser for a long time

Our skin changes with time. Hence, it makes sense that our moisturisers should change along too!
Sometimes, we have the tendency of sticking to the same moisturiser for years, only because you’re afraid to go for a new one or because you are too comfortable using it.

But what you must know is that a product which once suited your skin might just not suit now. There are many factors to this such as pollution, dirt and not forgetting ageing.

5. You don’t exfoliate

Exfoliation is a very important part of the skin care regime. Exfoliation removes the dry cells on the uppermost layer of the skin. Getting rid of the dead cells will give you a younger and smoother look. With good exfoliation and right amount of moisturiser you will get the best glowing skin effortlessly.

Let It Sink

6. Let it sink

I often see people make this mistake. They don’t let the skin take it the moisturiser completely before applying a layer of foundation. You can very well guess the consequences.

Your skin might end up looking dry and dull if you have a dry skin. Besides, you might have to put on loads of make-up to actually look the way you want to. So the next time, even if you are in a hurry, let it sink.

Or just lightly blot your face with a tissue before applying the foundation.

7. Using it as an anti-puff

We all get up with eye bags every morning. Eye creams are not always the best solution, maybe it is for some but just not all.

Likewise, applying moisturiser on eye bags is a bad idea as there are chances for the puffiness to worsen. This however can be solved by placing an ice cube or cold spoon on your eyes for about 10 minutes. The puffiness will reduce immediately. You may consult a dermatologist to clarify.

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  1. Xhi Nguyen Avatar
    Xhi Nguyen

    I fall into just three of these mistakes. Mostly because im overly tired usually.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Xhi! These mistakes are very common in general so I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people make them.

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