Constipation Linked To Heart Disease, Cancer

If you think laxatives are a perfect solution for constipation, think again. Recent research indicates you’ll probably live a lot longer if you lay off the laxatives. They could lead to cancer and heart disease.

Laxatives cause diseases

Laxatives interfere with your body’s ability to absorb proteins from your regular diet. But your body needs these proteins to make albumin, a simple protein that appears to offer protection against heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, using laxatives regularly can cause other health problems including nutritional defiecencies and chronic diarrhoea. They can also damage your intestines and make constipation much worse. Those that depend on laxatives often develop “lazy colon.”

Be careful about diagnosing yourself with constipation too quickly. A decreasing number of bowel movements is normal as as you age. This is because colon and rectal muscles weaken. While most young people have at least one bowel movement a day, older people tend to have only three bowel movements a week.

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Has your constipation left you addicted to laxatives

“I only use laxatives once a week or so.” Is this really OK? The truth is, if you’re using laxatives once a week, you’re not OK. Medicine defines laxative abusers as people who use laxatives at least once a week for several months. If you want long lasting relief, throw away your laxatives and try natural remedies.


If you suffer from constipation, then I’m sure you’d like to know the natural alternatives. Please take note that the first four suggestions listed below will tend to prevent constipation. And, we recommend regular use until such time as your bowels are functioning naturally. Click here to read on.

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