This Controversial Treatment Could Be The Solution To Your Depression

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If you go to the doctor for depression, he’ll prescribe you one of the many anti-depressants.

However, there’s a  natural solution with none of the side effects such memory loss liver damage and weakening eyesight that he probably overlooks. The only side effects this recreational drug has are a strong immune system and renewed health…

Hemp Oil could be your brain’s best friend

Hemp Oil is nature’s purest form of fatty acids and the richest sources and most balanced of oils. It consists of the ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. This is exactly what the World Health Organisation recommends for optimal use. Furthermore, these fatty acids are fundamental in restoring immune function and health in the body…

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How hemp oil helps with depression and other mood disorders

Your brain works just like a car’s ignitions. You place your key in the ignition and turn it on to start. Your brain’s synapses also connect two neurons and give them a chance to “communicate” with each other. However, for this to happen, the membranes or walls that surround these neurons have to be whole. This is all thanks to the “Omega Effect.”

A perfect ratio of Omega’s can help keep this membrane elastic… Thus, enhancing the flow of pulses from neuron to neurons and also improving the flow of blood to your brain. If you don’t get enough Omega’s, you find yourself suffering from conditions like mood disorders and depression. This is because your brain isn’t getting enough nutrients.

But several studies by the McLean Hospital among others, have shown that taking the right ratio of Omega’s can help you treat depression. This is the omega effect! Therefore, use Hemp Oil as your natural anti-depressant.

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    Please note that no one that is on prescription medicine should ever change their dosage or go off medication, without consulting their doctor.

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