Conversations with flowers – How Flowers Healed My Life

According to Jill Manson, flowers can be a mirror to your soul and have powers that can heal and help you find purpose. So, she’s giving away a flower arranging course in Johannesburg. Competition details are after her story below.

Giveaway closed – Winner: Wendy Lou Lombard

Jill’s not the only one who thinks flowers have powers, Dr Edward Bach started a complete healing modality using the power of flowers and Suzy Chiazzeri published a book on flower readings that shows how to decode the messages reflected in your favourite flower and balance your life with their healing powers, (Flower Readings – Discover your true self through the ancient art of Flower Psychometry, published by C.W. Daniels).

Jill shares her story:

I woke up one misty morning, seventeen years ago, to the bitter pull of fear and the noisy and destructive internal dialogue that had plagued my mind for so long. I was leaving for the UK to find my calling for something more meaningful to do with my life and for the world and had closed the door on my advertising career as a copywriter.

The battering of my ego mind continued hammering its cold accusations and manipulations home; “You’re not going to find anything there, Jill” “Who do you think you are?” “You had a good job, you were making money.” “There’s nothing special about you. You’re not destined for anything more than this”

I was in the Natal Midlands that morning spending time with my family before my departure.

Little did I know that the answer was not a 14hr flight away, but in fact, less than 3km from the cottage I woke up in…

I had hauled myself off the bed and out into the gentle drizzle to begin a walk away from the noise in my mind and down to the river. Not far into the trail, the pain in my chest and the heaviness in my limbs drew me to a standstill. I looked up to the clouds and closed my eyes. I had not asked the Universe for much nor had I been connected or in communication with this Power for a very long time at this point in my life. But I was empty. And the hole in my soul was open and bare.

I realised then that I had never asked this Greater Power what it was that I was meant to be doing with my life. So, I closed my eyes and I spoke. I almost begged, “…please tell me, what is it that I am meant to be doing with my life that will fill up my soul whilst I am doing it and more importantly, the soul of everyone else…?”

I stayed there, eyed closed, face upturned, listening with every cell in my being, expecting the answer to arrive like a scroll unfurled by an arrangement of angels. Ears alert, soul and heart pitched expectant to the sky.

Only emptiness continued and the silence got louder.

Disappointment ensued, not surprise. I had been here many times before. Silly me, expecting a different outcome! So I shrugged it off and I continued to walk. After some time the sun came out and the beauty of the grasses, the trees and the mountains enveloped me in a sense of relief and a tiny happiness tugged at my heart. About an hour had passed and I was now at the bottom of the gorge. I was feeling good. Better at least. Ambling along I noticed a sweet little spot off to my right. In this spot two little trees had grown into one another forming a small arch and a little fairy knoll. I felt completely compelled to go and sit in this spot.

As I drew nearer to it I started to feel a warm sensation around my limbs. My body started to feel extremely light. It was to me, as if someone had warmed up a massive barrel of honey and tipped it over me. I felt somewhat alarmed, yet curious and when I reached the spot an incredible feeling of peace had filled my entire being. The warmth and thick syrupy sensation around my skin did not leave me. My mind felt crystal clear and I wanted to sit down in this little two-tree alcove nature had created (it seemed) just for me.

So I sat down.

As I did so I looked down to my right to notice that I had sat down right next to the most beautiful, bright blue, star-shaped, tiny little wild flower. As I looked into the face of this little flower, a Voice spoke to me. It was a short dialogue. It was a powerful, beautiful and frighteningly real conversation that changed the course of my life.

“You’re going to use flowers to help people communicate their feelings better to themselves and one another” it said. A long pause….my heart racing….my mind doubting… could this be real? Then a direct question followed, and The Voice asked me this “If this little flower was a feeling Jill, what would it be to you? ”I answered without hesitation.

To me it was clear! “That’s passion!” I said. A strong and clear reply pursued; “Yes, that’s passion to you Jill. But what do you think this little flower would be to any and every other human in the world?”


I had received the answer for my life’s purpose. I was going to use flowers to help the world heal.

In this day and age the most important relationship in the world to nourish is the one between ‘me and me!’ Flowers have the ability to reflect back to us what we may not be able to see about our lives and so give us the answers we need. Most certainly one back to that of self-love! For this is where all true healing begins.


Imagine a room full of flowers; a pink rose, a yellow sunflower a white lilly to name a few. For the moment you are engaging in the process you may be drawn more to a yellow sunflower than the pink rose. Even though the pink rose is and has always been your favorite flower, the sunflower may be energetically ‘calling’ to you to work with it.

Studying the flower and holding it allows you to examine the inner parts of your own self. The flower becomes a mirror and an interpretation of your own understanding follows. You can work with any issue, uncertainty or even any idea and receive an outcome and clarity.

Jill Manson facilitates Flowerscape workshops for private groups of friends, at conferences as a motivational speaker and also in one-on-one sessions. She lives in Johannesburg but travels throughout South Africa presenting her story of how flowers healed her life and allowing people from all walks of life and religions to receive their own unique message through flowers.

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  1. Riétte Avatar

    I have always been fascinated by “the language of flowers” and love all things creative. Would be such a privilege to learn more.

  2. Nadia Avatar

    I dream of having my own floristry shop one day and would love to learn more about the art of arranging these delicate reminders of how beautiful life is.

  3. Wendy Lou Lombard Avatar
    Wendy Lou Lombard

    My husband is very good with flowers and I always feel so inadequate. I would love to join in and help him as well as to be able to create something beautiful myself 🙂

  4. Annelize Gouws Avatar

    Wow, it would be soooooo amazing to learn a new skill. And this will just put colour into our everyday tasks. Will enjoy the new challenge and creative ways of flower arranging. ….. sound absolutely perfect…..

  5. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    I am very interested in flower arranging as well as the esoteric significance and meanings of various flower species

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