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Spring is well on it’s way and that summer sunshine is catching up with all of us, exposing our winter comfort bulges that were much easier to disguise before.

This time of year boasts an air of excitement, for beach days, holiday season and sunshine – but with that excitement there is a persistent pressure to get “summer-ready”. So we hit double time at the gym and we restrict our diets to ten day juice cleanses and celery sticks. People tend to think of weight loss as a simple arithmetic problem of; “If I subtract more calories than I add on, I’ll lose weight”.

The dilemma is that people aren’t walking arithmetic problems, we’re flesh and blood human beings with complex biological systems, individual genetics and a myriad of factors that affect who we are and how we look. Losing weight and doing so in a manner that is sustainable and good for us as individuals is not a simple ‘calories in vs. calories out’ equation. That’s exactly where the experts can help.

Daily Dietitian is a personalised meal delivery service where every meal plan is formulated according to each individual’s personal goals and their diet constructed according to their unique lifestyle and specific dietary needs. The portion controlled formulation incorporates exactly what YOU as an individual need to follow a sustainable diet, reach your physical goals, and rid you of those unwanted kilos. Often diets force us to sacrifice the luxuries like taste and flavour, with Daily Dietitian this is never the case. Their Chefs prepare your meals with ethically sourced organic, free-range and hormone-free ingredients to create healthy, fresh, nutrient dense, delicious meals.

With all the stress we are faced with everyday; often we allow healthy food choices, shopping, cooking and meal planning and preparing take a backseat. Daily Dietitian serves to make your life easier, to aid you in reaching your dietary goals without having to think twice about it. This meal delivery service not only saves you time but saves you from yourself and your bad eating habits. Essentially Daily Dietitian creates a lifestyle plan that WILL work for you because it’s inception begins with your dietary analysis and its implementation is tailored to your daily schedule – be it the office or at home, Daily Dietitian ensures you’re putting the correct nutrients into your body.

Get healthy with us!
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