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There is a new range of skin care products making waves in South Africa, they are busy taking skin care to a new level. Introducing Dermaceutic. The main concern South Africans are facing, is photo ageing. It is said that 89% of patients’ skin condition improved through Dermaceutic expert treatments. We decided to go to one of their demonstrations to see for ourselves…

We are passionate about our skin and we’re always looking for ways to ensure that we get the very best when it comes to skin and skin care.

We were invited to a demonstration of the new Cosmo Peel by Dermaceutic in Cape Town. It is easy to sense the passion, dedication and strive for skin excellence from the fine ladies at Dermaceutic. Intensely knowledgeable, not only about their products, but about the importance of nurturing our skin, looking after it, and ensuring we all get that wonderful glow and radiance everyone is striving for.

We are super excited about their magical peels. There are a selection of treatments, suitable to individual needs. Not harmful to the skin, rejuvenating and reversing the damage caused by excess sun and the simple aging process. Products scientifically made and tested to maximise benefits and give visible results.

Signs of Skin Aging & Pigment Spots facingWe even had the luxury of witnessing a peeling process on the spot, and we were amazed. In general, chemical peels are associated with intense burning, and inflamed redness. But with Dermaceutic, none of this was evident. The lady undergoing the treatment was treated with Regen Ceutic, immediately after her peel. She felt instant relief, from the merest burning tingle.

All of us present were blessed with an awesome goodie bag, filled with some of the very best Dermaceutic products. I happened to spot some small sample tubes and popped a few of those in my bag too. Very eager to try them out. And then unexpectedly, I was presented with an opportunity, to do just that. My daughter misjudged the sun, and got terribly burnt on the beach. She was in agony, and remembering witnessing the relief on the lady who had the chemical peel done, I delved into my goodie bag, and dug out one of the samples. The very same Regen Ceutic. It might not have been intended for sunburn. Yet it definitely gave relief. It helped with my daughter’s dehydrated skin, aided the recovery process, gave nourishing moisture to the skin and soothed the aching burn.

We are extremely excited to discover even more Dermaceutic magic. Watch out skin care world, Dermaceutic is going to make big waves!

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  1. Patricia Avatar

    I highly recommend the Dermaceutic skin care range. I have used a few of their products for a couple of months now, and they are brilliant.

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