Designing Your Perfect Smile – With Ultilign


Designing Your Perfect Smile – With Ultilign.  When it comes to a first impressions, the very initial thing you see when you greet someone, are their eyes, followed by their teeth! A lot of people under-estimate the importance of having straight teeth. A perfect smile not only changes the way you look but more importantly, the way you feel about yourself. 

What if someone told you that you can now design your perfect smile using nearly invisible, removable aligners? 



Everyone wants to have perfect teeth without having to wear braces, which are somewhat uncomfortable, and do not look attractive, which is why Ultilign is the perfect alternative!  Having straight teeth could be a huge boost to your self-confidence! 

The Process


How Does It Work?

After visiting your Ultilign provider or Dentist, a digital and impergum impression of your teeth will be sent to the lab where their technician will design your Ultiligners with the help of 3D software to determine your treatment plan. The proposed treatment will then be analysed and approved by the appointed Orthodontist before sending your Ultiligners back to your Dentist to fit the first set.

Depending on each case, a set of multiple Ultiligners will be sent to your Dentist to place in your mouth over a course of 4- 6 months. The patient will receive a new set of Ultiligners every 2 weeks to make sure the teeth are moved effectively.


As you progress through your treatment plan your teeth will gradually begin to move into position and create a perfectly straight smile. During this time you will have occasional checkups with your Dentist to monitor your progress and install your new set when it is time.

The duration of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case and the amount of movement that needs to take place. Your Ultilign provider will discuss the treatment time with you before treatments start.

Why Choose Ultilign vs. Braces

1. Approximating the treatment duration a little more precisely than braces.

2. Avoid extractions of premolars by creating interdental space via interproximal reduction.

3. Less frequent trips to the dental chair by allowing the patients to replace their aligners on their own every few weeks.

4. Healthier periodontal tissue and less risk of enamel decalcification by avoiding brackets.

5. Esthetics: Clear aligners are often not visible, allowing patients to smile with greater confidence.


How Much Does It Cost


Correcting Teeth After Braces Front 4 Teeth Not More Than 3 Movements

Lab Fee: R3 000

Prescribed Dental Fee: R6 000


4 Upper Teeth And 4 Lower Teeth

Lab Fee: R8000

Prescribed Dental Fee: R16 000


6 Upper Teeth And 6 Lower Teeth

Lab Fee: R16 000

Prescribed Dental Fee: R32 000


8 Upper Teeth And 8 Lower Teeth

Lab Fee: R24 000

Prescribed Dental Fee: R54 000


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