Detox Tips: A – Z

detox tips

We have created a fun and easy to remember alphabet of detox tips. The following is the A – Z word list of everything related to Detox, Summer is around the corner so we are here to keep you in shape!



Follow our detox tips:

A – Activated charcoal, acupuncture, agave, activity, appetite, aloe.

B – Breathe, breakfast, beetroot, beach, body scrub, body brush, buchu.

C – Clutter,  cleanse, cleaning products, constipation, cooking, cook ware, cell phone, cilantro, cosmetics, chew, chia, circulation, colon cleanse.

D – Digestion,  dedication.

E – Epsom salts, exercise, emotional, energy.

F – Fats, fibre, fasting, foot soak, fillings.

G – Ginger, green tea, green juice, goals.

H – Home remedies, herbs, hydrotherapy, habit, hemp.

I  – Image, improvement.

J –  Jumping, juicing.

K – Kale, kombucha.

L – Lemon water, listen body, lifestyle, lymph drainage, liver cleanse.

M – Meditate, massage, milk thistle, mental, mould, mindful.

N – No,nature, nia, nutrition, carbs, dairy, salt, natural fabrics, oil pulling.

O – Outdoors, omega oils.

P – Peace, probiotics, proactive.

Q – Quit sugar, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, dairy.

R – Reflexology, raw,  relationships, recycle, refresh.

S – Shopping, steambath, smoothie, stress, spiritual, , sunshine, spirulina, sea, seaweed.

T  – Toxic people, tongue scraper, tv, tumeric, teas.

U – Upside down, Uva Ursi

V – Vitamins, vacuum, aloe vera.

W – Walking, weight loss, work, windows open, water filter, wheatgrass, water.

X – X, no.

Y – Yoga, yoghurt.

Z – ZZZ, sleep.

I am motivated to begin detoxing 1st thing on Monday morning, and I hope you are too.  If you have any detox tips or info, please share with us.  We would love to create a healthy community, where we can inspire each other to live healthy, happy and balanced lifestyles.

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[Tweet “We would love to create a healthy community, where we can inspire each other to live healthy, happy, balanced lifestyles.”]





2 responses to “Detox Tips: A – Z”

  1. Trey Avatar

    Could you tell me some more about your most preferred ways of detoxing? Like which detoxes work best and are best for losing weight?
    Thanks Trey

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      HI Trey, we highly recommend beginning you Detox with skinny juicing for 3 to 5 days, and then going onto a healthy strict vegetable and fruit diet, before slowly introducing meat or chicken. You will need to cut out all alcohol, sugar and caffeine for the 1st week as well. This way you will get rid of all the toxins in your body, and kick start your metabolism.

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