DIY Starter Kit For Self Care


The body knows when it’s out of balance. But sometimes the mind refuses to go along for the self-care ride, and drives us to the doctor’s office one day. Today we present you a simple DIY toolkit to start putting health back into your own hands.

Knowledge has organizing power.

 Check Your Thyroid Function

If your thyroid’s out of whack chances are a lot of other things might be too — from hormones, to metabolism, to digestion, to energy, to hair loss, to mood. The list goes on. So before you get cranky with a loved one, or your local barista, better check to see how your thyroid’s performing. Need Instructions? Look No Further.

Test For Dehydration

Dehydration starts long before your mouth goes dry. And it can easily become a state of being if you aren’t consistently supplying your body with water and minerals. Here’s How Much You Need To Drink.

Read Your Blood Results

Lab results from blood samples are an excellent way to get information about hormone levels, glandular function, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, liver function, etc. However, don’t rely only on your doctor and lab “ranges” to evaluate your current state of wellness and potential risks. Learn To Read Lab Results Here.

Stick Out Your Tongue

Both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine know that the tongue tells a story about our current state of health. For example, geographic tongue suggests lack of digestive enzymes in the stomach. This Is What Your Tongue Says About You.

Monitor Your Vitamin D

Beyond bone health, Vitamin D boosts our immunity, reduces risks of cancer, reduces inflammation associated with cardiovascular disease. The problem is, many of us are Vitamin D deficient. Unless you work in the sun all day, you probably are deficient. P.S. You need magnesium to make Vitamin D. Do You Need More Vit D?

What About Magnesium Deficiency?

Like we said above, magnesium is crucial for making Vitamin D work for you. Magnesium contributes to energy production, enabling enzyme activities, building new cells and mineral balance Without it, not a muscle in our body would be able to move. Really. Are You Deficient? Look For These Signs.

Rate Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is defined as “the ability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions.” From our bodymind vantage point, we believe emotions are instrumental in personal and collective wellbeing. If you can read Meryl Streep’s expressions below, you’re in pretty good shape. How Do You Rank?

Look At Your Cervix

One of the most important self-care practices women can do is self-evaluate their tutu. Get a baseline on your cervical health so you can monitor changes. Here’s How To Do It.

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