Does Christmas Get You Down? Here’s How To Deal With Anxiety…

Does Christmas Get You Down? Here's How To Deal With Anxiety...

Most people love the festive period. The Christmas rush, the jingles playing in every store and some even get butterflies when they see all the beautiful decorations. Then there’s you.

You just can’t stand Christmas. You keep away from shopping malls and when you walk past a Christmas tree, you feel like tearing it down… Well, whatever left you depressed and anxious about the holidays can change. With these five tips, you could start enjoying the time of rest and relaxation and stop going into a deep depression because of the festivities.


1. Plan for “you time”

Instead of wallowing in depression about what happened or is happening around you, take time out and get some “me time.” Try gardening, reading or cooking or anything that relaxes you and make it a priority. When you do something for yourself that makes you happy, it can help you take your mind off those things that make you anxious or depressed. So, go ahead and make a list of all the things you want to do for yourself during the time you have off and get them done!

2. Get through family time

If spending time with your family doesn’t make you happy, put down a plan of action about how you’ll tackle the things about them that make you unhappy. For example, if your parents hound you about your life, simply say, “Let’s talk about that some other time” and then make an excuse to do something else like clear the table, go to the loo or play with your nieces or nephews so they don’t have an opportunity to continue the conversation.

3. Give to charity instead of gifting

If the thought of gifting makes you uncomfortable, give to charity instead. Let your family know ahead of time that you won’t be buying anyone gifts this year.

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4. Allow yourself to be emotional

Sometimes, the loss of a loved one makes this time of year is hard. So, allow yourself to grieve! Christmas time is also a common time of year to experience depression especially if you’ve lost a loved one you can no longer share it with.
Try to speak to those who understand what you’re going through and allow yourself to experience the emotion. 

5. Focus on sleep

You have to sleep the day away just because you don’t have to work. Not only is this habit bad for your health, but it can cause you to go into deeper depression. Furthermore, don’t spend too much time watching TV, which cuts into your sleep time. Stick to a sleep schedule and allow yourself between seven and nine hours sleep every night.

Don’t waste the time you have off from work to focusing on anger, depression and anxiety. Hope this helps and a a happy 2018 to you. Merry Christmas!

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