How To Eat Clean Without Draining Your Wallet

How To Eat Clean Without Draining Your Wallet

We all want to eat clean especially at the beginning of the year. However, it’s not that simple. Contemporary food production has become so complex that eating whole foods is not only a challenge but comes with a hefty price tag!

You can confirm this by checking some of the prices at your local supermarket. You’ll see that baby spinach costs more than a jumbo-sized bag of chips. This can make cleaning up your diet seem like a daunting task. Therefore, before you start considering how to save money on a particular diet, you should figure out what sort of diet suits you best. And, once you’ve done that, you can use these five tips to help you eat clean on a tight budget.


1. Avoid expensive super foods

Most people think you have to consume all marketed super foods in order to eat clean. As much as this is fun and interesting, you can try out maca powder and chia seeds. However, you can live without them. All you need to do is eat a nutritious, wholesome diet and you’ll get everything that’s in these super foods.

2. Buy foods in bulk

Buying foods such as grains, nuts, seeds and even expensive flours in bulk either online or at a natural food store can save you a lot of money. I must admit that spending a large amount of money to buy grocery in bulk doesn’t really feel like saving. However, in the long run it can save you a significant amount of money.


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3. Steer clear of pre-packaged foods

Unfortunately, convenience is expensive. Therefore,  if your you continue to buy the pre-made and prepackaged food with your  other expensive healthy items,  you’ll be spending more than you want to. Therefore, buy whole foods such as fresh grains and produce, and make your own meals. You can check out some of our recipes here.

4. Stick to in-season produce

The prices of in-season fruits and vegetables drop because of their increased availability. What’s more, they are high in nutrition and flavour. If you’re not sure what’s in season, ask the staff, they should be able able to tell you.

5. Eat your leftovers

Some people throw leftovers away. It could be because big cleaning eating ambitions. Try and think of it this way: You’ve tried to invest time and money into this flavorful meal, so why won’t you eat what’s left over the next day?

It’s not easy to eat on a budget. So, don’t punish yourself. Practice and you’ll get more creative at eating clean on a budget as time goes. All the best!

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