Eat Junk Food In Moderation? Here’s Why You Should Stop Completely

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So, you think it’s OK to eat junk food, as long as it’s done in moderation – right? Wrong! Eating junk food in moderation doesn’t help you at all. It may seem like a great idea especially because you don’t do it all the time.

And, you may feel that your approach to nutrition is balanced when it actually isn’t. Let me explain why…



Eating junk food in moderation is a bad habit

The definition of “moderation” is : Avoidance of extremes or excesses; restraint; temperance. But the truth is, most people don’t think of moderation when it comes to nutrition. Moderation usually looks like this:

Monday: A low-fat pastry with their morning coffee
Tuesday: Chinese night 
Wednesday: A doughnut at the office
Thursday: Three glasses of wine at dinner
Friday: Cupcakes at the birthday party at the office
Saturday: Pizza and ice-cream
Sunday: KFC and a few beers in front of the TV with friends

Not so bad, right? Wrong! When you’re eating foods from the same category of non-health foods daily, it’s not a treat but a habit. You see, your body is built on your habits. So, having any type of junk food daily isn’t moderation. It becomes a lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits don’t cancel out bad eating habits

Healthy food has to be your normal. It’s not “super” as some would want to call it. It’s what’s expected.  But while “healthy” foods are normal, those in the “unhealthy” category have significantly powerful and deleterious effects. These can’t be solved by simply eating fish and steamed veggies at the next meal.

You see, the biggest problem with unhealthy foods is the resulting dietary imbalances that rapidly generate inflammation which can take weeks, months or even years to clear.

So, if you eat healthy most of the week, but if you have treats every day, then you’re creating an imbalance which leads to another problem…


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“I’ve been good, now I can be bad”

This is a dangerous approach. The idea of self-indulgence when you feel like you’ve been good, seems right.  You feel you earned it and therefore give yourself permission to be bad – indulge . This is a dangerous phenomenon. If you use this approach, then you’re more likely to have treats tomorrow if you ate well today.

You need to stop self-judging your morals based on your food choices. Because this attitude can destroy your ability to have a healthy relationship with food.

Avoid junk food if you want to be healthy

There’s no escaping the sweet temptations and visual triggers for junk food. It can weaken your resolve. Eating unhealthy foods daily is not moderate. Instead exercise daily. Also, eat as healthy as  you can and treat yourself to unhealthy food when you’re really, really, really craving it. No more than once a month.

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2 responses to “Eat Junk Food In Moderation? Here’s Why You Should Stop Completely”

  1. Melissa Javan Avatar

    This post is too harsh on me 🙁 Yes, you are right though. I mean one can eat healthy snacks when you craving junk.

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Sorry Melissa. It’s harsh on me too. I’ve cut out most junk foods and I praise myself for it. But it’s not enough. Still holding on to my daily glass of wine (after all, it’s good for the heart). But one day is one day.

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