Eco Friendly Pool Design Ideas

Eco pools have become a popular lifestyle trend. These natural pools not only benefit your own health, but that of the eco system as well as your finances since it’s the most cost-effective method and it immediately increases your property value. Take a look at these beautiful Eco Friendly pool designs…

We live in a time of an over populated earth, the African continent being the one with the largest growth rate in the world. Earth’s natural resources and habitats are slowly being suffocated and therefore people are trying to live a more holistic or ‘greener’ lifestyle to try to save what we have left as well as improving the quality of their health, naturally.

Eco Friendly swimming pools have thus become one of the most effective methods that people are using to restore the natural balance and also to decrease their exposure to harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, found in modern-day swimming pools.

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As a home owner, when you think ‘swimming pool’, what is the first concern that pops up in your head? The cost to build it? The cost to maintain it? Finding the time to clean it? The fact that you can’t use it during winter? Or maybe it’s health concerns. These factors are some of the reasons why more people are building eco-friendly, self-sustaining, solar heated natural swimming pools.

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How it works:

Your pool is separated into two areas, one for swimming and another for regeneration where various water plants are used to ensure high quality hygienic water. Water pumps and special plant filters as well as other micro-organisms are additionally added to ensure the water quality standards are met.

These water plants do all the work for you. No need to clean the pool or to put in any chemicals, as these plants not only absorb the carbon dioxide and then release oxygen into the water, but they are nature’s best water purifiers.

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Which type of plants to use in a natural pool?

Grass-type shoreline & submerged plants

Both of these are excellent water purifiers as they remove excess nutrients from water as well as bacteria and algae. Submerged plants oxygenate the water and therefore improve the water quality.

Floating surface plants

Water lilies absorb nutrients to purify the water. When you use surface plants, try to maintain a surface coverage of no more than two-thirds, limiting the amount of UV light required for algae to grow.

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Here are some examples of useful plants:

Cape Blue Water Lily
Water Soldier
Water Poppy
Sweet Flag

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