They are warm and cozy especially on a cold winter night, but their effects can be silently devastating. The danger comes from the electromagnetic field that the electric blanket produces when it’s on.

Many household appliances and even power lines above your house create electromagnetic fields. However, the problem with electromagnetic fields produced by electric blankets is that most people spend up to eight hours in them when they sleep. 


Boot the blanket to boost fertility

Strong electromagnetic fields fields might be linked to cancer and fertility problems, some researchers believe. Although the fields produced by electric blankets are relatively weak, spending too much time that close can do more harm than good.

Many scientists  suggest that women who regularly use blankets find it difficult to get pregnant. And those that do get pregnant are more likely to have miscarriages or have babies with low birth weight. Some researchers suspect that those babies have a higher chance of developing leukemia or brain cancer.


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Sleep on the safe side

Just in case of possible side effects, avoid the electromagnetic field by following these four tips:

1. Turn on your electric blanket 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed.

2. Turn the blanket off before getting into bed

3. Unplug the blanket even if you switched it off to avoid any electric field in the blankets wiring.

4. Enjoy your freshly warmed bed.

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