Embrace Autumn And Prepare For Your Mat

Embrace Autumn

Embrace Autun! Take a moment to think about where you are in 2018. Accept the moment as it is presented to you and reflect on what blessings 2018 has brought for you: the heartaches and hardships that have come. 

Now, mention one thing you are grateful for in this moment. Autumn is a season of change, so this is an excellent time to let go of whatever is already making their way out the door, and know that new adventures will come your way.

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 Autumn is the perfect time to get on your mat

Opening your eyes after a long night’s sleep, to push your blanket away and feel that first rush of cold air, getting up to do yoga is probably the last thing on your mind? Perhaps visualize yourself sitting on a bolster, a cup of tea in the one hand, a blanket on your lap and gentle chanting music playing in the background, (or even better join our heated studio) already sounds better right? Perhaps that is exactly what you should do this autumn – listen to your body.

Take it slow, embrace restorative practices when you don’t feel like your body needs to be rushed. Start slow, allow your body to warm up properly before jumping into asanas (postures). Send a few warming deep belly breaths to the body.

1. Set yourself up

Have a cozy and warm sweater or robe next to your bed; this will keep that breeze away when you get up.

2. Make a cup of yogi tea, invite your cup to the mat, greet the new day, bless your tea and bless your body. Once it becomes part of your regular winter morning ritual, you’ll look forward to getting out of bed so you can have your cup.

3. Invite an attitude of gratitude.

4. Start slow. If it takes 20 minutes of mindful breathing to tune in, then let it be that. Then Kapalabhati breathing, this will fire you up internally. (Ask one of our yoga teachers how to do this)

5. Don’t think about what you want to achieve in your practice, instead tune in to ask your body what it needs of you. I would suggest starting with sun salutations as they will energize your body, start slow and pause where you feel it is needed for your body to indulge in the movement, then getting the rhythm of the body going once you feel energized and ready to move.

6. Raise your hands

Another tiny tip to keep in mind to increase your body heat and your heart rate is to raise the arms upwards so that they are in line with the ears.Get creative with different postures by sending your arms up, energize through your fingertips. (Jazz hands)


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  1. Trish Avatar

    I love attending Yoga classes at this time of the year. It motivates me to stay fit and healthy throughout Winter

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