Embrace This Opportunity To Lead A Meaningful Life

Embrace this opportunity to lead a meaningful life.  Join Helen Hansen, a Transformational Facilitator, in a 2 day workshop of manifesting wellness and wholeness by balancing brain patterns and emotions. In this two day workshop you will re-awaken your ability to self-heal, balance EQ and heighten your IQ.




Date: 15 & 16 October 2016
Place: Woodlands Conscious Living Centre, Jhb
Time: 10am – 4pm.

About The Workshop:

Longevity Wholeness Training uses proven methodologies for balancing and improving one’s physical, mental and emotional landscapes. When there is equilibrium in the whole being, this will stream throughout the individual’s life, creating experiences that flow and grow.
This is the basis for health and wealth manifestation:

– If you would like to move forward, leaving behind that which no longer serves you
– If you desire to know yourself and optimise your highest potential

During The Weekend Workshop You Will:

  1. Meet and understand the archetypes of your different brain hemispheres
  2. Process harmony between the fore, mid and hindbrain
  3. Create a new comfort zone within your emotional house of memories
  4. Reset your home frequency to one of love, inspiration and manifestation
  5. Indulge in a guided visualisation and sound-journey

Attendees of this workshop come from all walks of life and for many different reasons. There are professionals seeking to quantum leap their career and financial situation. Parents who want to birth and raise children from a place of consciousness. Individuals who want to free themselves of self-sabotaging patterns. Couples with a need to invest into their relationship, and others who intend to crystallise their life’s purpose.

The Experience:

Monica, who participated in a workshop in June 2016, said, “My experience has led to a few realizations about how I live my life and where I’m stuck. The process was simple, yet powerful, as it revealed my blocks clearly and yet profoundly reminded me of my connection to something greater.”

Sharassa, who attended the December 2015 workshop wrote, “Thank you for releasing me from the pain I felt. I feel as if I have a new lease on life and a fresh start”.

Thanusha, also from the June workshop, shared that the breathing technique helped her move deeper into the experience. A few weeks after the training she said, “It was incredibly grounding and I am still working through the substantial effects!!! It really is a powerful process!”

About Helen Hansen:

Helen has worked with thousands of clients, of all ages, over the past eighteen years guiding them to greater heights, inspiring them to live their life’s purpose.

The modalities Helen uses include:

  • Mind-Body Techniques
  • Birth into Being
  • Perspective Balancing
  • Conscious Breathwork
  • Kinesiology

Along with her background in Developmental Psychology and the Performing Arts, Helen provides an intellectual, as well as creative approach to balancing mind, body, and soul.

The Venue:

Woodlands Conscious Living Centre is an apt venue for this workshop. The landscape is tranquil, green and soothing, letting one so easily breath out and let go. Woodlands is slightly out of Johannesburg, providing the opportunity to leave the city behind for a while, yet it is close enough to keep the driving to a reasonable time (20 minutes from Douglasdale, 30 minutes from Lonehill/Bryanston).

You may also choose to arrive early and join a yoga class or stay on for some pampering at the spa. You are worth the investment!


R1500 per person (lunch included)

Book by 30 September and pay only R1350

TO BOOK: info@helenhansen.co or 0724097664

* please note: there is NO .za in the above email address


PS: Attend Helen’s Brain Balancing Talk Tuesday 27 September @ Indaba Hotel, Fourways, 6-7pm and you stand a chance to win a free ticket to her Longevity Wholeness Workshop.





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