Everything You Need To Know About Juicing

Juicing… Is it good? Is it bad? What are the benefits, risks, and effects juicing has on your body? We know, you have so many unanswered questions, leaving you feeling slightly confused and overwhelmed, which is why we have decided to put this simply! Everything you need to know about juicing – with DNA Juicer

There are no right or wrong answers to juicing. It is important, however, to ensure that you are juicing correctly. There are a few things to take into account when you starting out, which include: why are you juicing, which juicer should you be purchasing, what fruit and vegetables are you juicing, and lastly, is juicing right for your body and lifestyle?


Benefits Of Juicing

There are so many benefits of juicing, if you are looking to achieve any of the below, then juicing is the right way to go! 

Helps with weight loss

Detoxifies the body and cleanses the liver

Ensures you are able to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet

Great for skin conditions and improves the condition of hair

Gives you more energy to tackle your day

Improves your brain power

Juicing can ease pain

It is a powerful healer for diseases

Improves your eyesight

Promotes good sleep

Strengthens your immune system

It is delicious!! 


Which Fruits And Vegetables Are Good To Juice

There is such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that you can use for juicing! We love the idea of ‘combos by color’ meaning, for each juice you make, you work around the colors of the rainbow, this way you are sure to get all necessary nutrients and vitamins throughout the week. 

We advise using a ratio of 1:3 (fruits : vegetables) so that your juices are not too filled with sugar, but still taste great!



Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, avocado, apple, kiwi, lime, green grapes, and pear

Red & Pink

Beetroot, apple, grapefruit, watermelon, strawberries, red grapes and raspberries

Orange & Yellow

Butternut, pineapple, sweet potato, carrot, lemon, mango, orange, and papaya

Blue & Purple

Blackberries, figs, blueberries, and prunes


How Often Should You Juice

This is entirely up to you, there are many ways you can incorporate juicing into your lifestyle.

If you have never juiced before, we recommend adding one juice to your diet a day either on an empty stomach or with breakfast. 

The more you get familiar with juicing, then you can start replacing your breakfast with a healthy juice. We only recommend replacing a meal if your aim is to detox or lose weight, otherwise carry on enjoying it with your food. 

If you would like to try a juicing cleanse, we recommend doing 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 Days. Perhaps start off by making every Monday a juice cleanse and once you have the strength to do a 3 day cleanse then you must just ensure that 3 days before your cleanse you remove caffeine, alcohol, sugar and meat products from your diet so that your body doesn’t go into a shock when you start the cleanse. 


Which Juicer Do We Recommend

Centrifugal Vs. Masticating Juicers

There are so many different kinds of juicers available on the market, however, the single most important factor you need to take into account when starting your juicing journey is the quality of the juicer you purchase! The main difference between the centrifugal and masticating juicers is the way in which they break down the food.

The Centrifugal Juicers have one blade that rotates at a very high speed to break down the food allowing it to flow freely, much like a blender.  The result of this juice has a lot more foam and separates quickly. They are also noisy, which makes sense due to their lower price brackets. 

The Masticating Juicers make use of various ‘gears’ instead of blades. Most nutritionists prefer this method since the juice does not come into contact with high temperatures ensuring the natural enzymes remain. The masticating or ‘Cold Press Juicers’ are slightly more expensive, however, the convenience, quality, and sound of the juicer are worth every other cent.

After much research, we came across the DNA Cold Press Juicer which we believe offers superior technology at an affordable price. It is simple to use, easy to clean and doesn’t give off any loud noises. You can also make delicious sorbets with the DNA Juicer! 


Where Can I Purchase The DNA Juicer?

If you click this link HERE you will be able to find more information on the juicer and purchase it directly off the website. 



Recipe: Warm Apple Spiced Elixir

This Perfect Winter Warmer is great for inflammation, bloating and flu symptoms.


6 x apples (of choice)
2 – 3 thumb size pieces of ginger (depending on how strong you like it)
Half of a lemon
Raw honey
3 x cinnamon sticks


1. Place your apples, ginger and lemon through your juicer
2. Once the above has been done, place the juice into a small pot on the stove
3. Heat the stove up to medium heat
4. Once the elixir is warm, add 1 tsp of raw honey and the cinnamon sticks
5. Stir the honey until it has dissolved
6. Enjoy your warm elixir!

Recipe: Pineapple Strawberry Limeade

The Refreshing Summer Sip is great for digestion, fat loss, cellulite and detoxing.


1 x pineapple
1.5 x cups of strawberries
1 x small lime


1. Cut the pineapple to remove the skin, as well as the lime
2. Cut the leaves off of the strawberries
3. Add all of the fruit into the juicer
4. Serve the juice with lots of ice! 


Other DNA products include the Super Blender and the Vacusaver.





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