What Exactly Are Pores, And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

I bet the majority of us don’t exactly know what pores are, or how they got there, but they must go! I walked past a magnified mirror recently in the shopping mall while looking at makeup products, and noticed I have pores! I didn’t even know they really existed until I saw first hand they do. So here is a little more on how to get rid of those pesky pores:

What Are Pores, Really?

Pores are tiny little (or in some cases, large) holes in the skin where the sebum produced in the sebaceous glands are released to the surface of the skin.

The sebum of the skin refers to the natural oils produced in the body which comes to surface a lot easier when pores are open.

This is often why people with larger pores tend to have a fairly oily skin, lots of blackheads and even acne. Enlarged open pores on the facial area can make your skin look aged and unhealthy.

Why do some people have larger pores than others?

Everyone has pores, not only on their face, but all over their body, because pores are the home of every hair follicle in the body.

Pores are genetic, however some people have larger pores because of the various things that cause them like stress, and sun exposure.

How to get rid of them:

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of pores, however you can reduce the look of pores and you can prevent the nasty effects that pores cause. If we didn’t have any pores our skin would be dry, cracked, and unhealthy.

  • Don’t brush hair to often, as the oiliness spreads more and more as you brush
  • Don’t touch your skin, the more you touch your skin the more it attracts dirt causing acne and oiliness
  • Try use a quality face wash that has Salicylic Acid in it to prevent them from clogging and stretching 

Meet the POREfessionals: Benefit Cosmetics


Benefits Cosmetics has recently launched their latest range of skin products called Porefessional, which aim to combat large pores and mattify the look of pores when leaving the house.

Benefits Cosmetics Porefessional Instant Wipeout Mask


This superhero-strength, dual-sided face mask cleans out AND smooths out the look of pores around your nose, forehead and chin. 3…2…1…WIPEOUT! The specially textured fabric woven from cottony fibers helps exfoliate & remove pore impurities. Contains mushroom extract known to clarify pores.

Where to Buy: R395 for 8 masks; available at selected Edgars and Red Square Stores

Benefits Cosmetics Porefessional Matte Rescue


Matte rescue instantly minimizes pore appearance. The lightweight, water-based gel overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Contains diamond powder known for its soft-focus pore-blurring effect.

Where to Buy: R395, available ar selected Edgars and Red Square Stores

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