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There is nothing as quite spectacular as the Stellenbosch region. Every time I go there I feel as if I get lost in a little European town, hidden in the hills and valleys of the Wine Estate region, this diverse town has so much culture to offer. 




And then there is Majeka House. This 5 Star Boutique Hotel offers an eclectic, yet super chic luxury stay. This space lends itself to a very unique and creative taste that guests can indulge in the contrasting design and decor. 

The Hotel

Majeka house comprises of 23 rooms spread across four categories, offering private pool terraces, lush green gardens and beautiful views of the Stellenbosch landscape. Each room includes free wifi, an in-house coffee machine, air conditioning and luxury pamper products for your enjoyment. 

The owners pride themselves on looking after our environment by taking in the many concerns of our water shortage and have made their footprint on saving every drop they can. Their staff are fully trained in educating the visitors coming from abroad on ways they can save water and making them aware that showers must be kept to a very minimum. 

The Spa

Majeka Spa offers an exquisite indoor Hydrotherapy pool along with their beautifully curated Spa Treatment Menu. The expertly trained therapists are attentive to every guest’s needs. All packages purchased include complimentary use of Spa facilities offered. 

The Restaurant 

Multi-award winning restaurant – Makaron is under the leadership of Chef Lucas Carstens who promises to indulge you with a flavor explosion of his current tasting menu. He embraces seasonality and local produce in a concise small plate menu of refined bistro-chic cuisine. Chef Lucas represents the hotel’s style and passion through his dishes. 

Caesar Taco | Crispy Chicken Skin & Truffle | Beetroot & Trout Cracker


Poached Oyster With Peaches & Pickled Sea Vegetables


Eggplant Tartare, Artichoke & Turnip 


Zucchini Risotto With Raw Mushrooms & Cured Egg Yolk Shavings 


House Smoked Hake With Celeriac, Dill & Whey Soured Onions


Leipoldt’s Springbok ‘Rafeltjievleis’ With Stewed Fruits, Apricots & Onion


Suckling Pig With ‘Suurvytjie Basting’, Sweet Potato & Nasturtium Flower Vinegar


Fermented Blueberries, Olives & Olive Oil 


Banana Carpaccio With Roasted Yeast Caramel & Sourdough Ice Cream


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