Fitness Regimes For Different Body Types

Body types

It’s just not fair that some people can eat what they want and never get fat. They can snack on delicious, fattening foods all winter and, come summer, they step out in their fabulous bikini body.

If you’re like me, you have to make careful food choices. And, even when you do, you still can’t seem to achieve your ideal body. Why is this? Well, you have to understand what type of body you have, then learn how to work with it to get the best out of it. Lets take a look at some body types, patterns of fat storage and associated health risks.


Tubular shape

Think of slim and sassy Cara Delevingne or Keira Knightly. Narrow hips, thighs and small butt. People with this body type gain weight around the middle, and have a bigger risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Pear shape

Think super hot J-Lo and Beyonce. Small upper body, bigger lower body. The good news is, studies showed that butt and thigh fat does not carry the risks for diabetes and heart disease! The bad news? Fat around the hips, thighs and butt is really hard to get rid of!

Apple shape

Think of stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones and Drew Barrymore. Bigger middle and slim legs body. Apples carry weight around the waist area, which pose risks for diabetes and heart disease. Luckily, belly fat is easy to get rid of.

Hourglass shape

Think of classy and sexy Kate Winslet and Nigella Lawson. Bigger chest and butt, narrow waist. While you can look great if in shape, you gain weight easily and it just goes everywhere!

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Foods or fitness regimes you should follow to get that sexy summer body you want

Hourglass: Eat a balanced diet with regular small meals throughout the day. Circuit training and long-duration cardio workouts are best for hourglass figures, as it works out the whole body.

Tubular: Focus on building muscle with high calorie intake and strength training.

Pear: Complex carbs and lean protein will help you shed some weight.

Apple: Up healthy fats and lower carbs. Cardio sessions and total-body strength training will even out your body.

If you don’t believe that you CAN look great, you’ll never achieve it. So, persevere and you WILL definitely get there!

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