Five Easy Ways to Tame Excessive Gas

excessive gas:

As much we all experience gas, some experience it more than others. Too much gas is usually caused by incompletely digested foods that ferment in the intestines. Here are five ways to prevent excessive gas:




1. Use less sugar substitutes

Most healthy people can’t absorb the mannitol and sorbitol you find in some sugar free foods, gums and candies easily. The amount of sorbitol in five sticks of sugar-free chewing gum usually causes gas and diarrhoea in some people.

2. Avoid gassy foods

At the top of this list are beans and other legumes, cabbage, wheat, onions, apricots, Brussels sprouts, prunes and bananas. Milk and other dairy products can also cause gas if you have low levels of lactase – the enzyme your bosy needs to digest the main sugar ingredient in milk called lactose.

3. Eat fewer greasy foods

Fried foods, fatty meats, creamy sauces and gravies can increase bloating and gas. Lets not forget their contribution to unwanted weight gain.

4. Try lactose intolerance products

If the main cause of your excessive gas is your body’s inability to digest milk sugar(lactose), then consider switching to lactose free or lactose reduced products. In addition, you can choose products that have the lactase enzyme which can aid the lactose digestion process.

5. Take anti-gas products

A food enzyme – Beano – helps improve the digestion of gas-forming foods. Nonprescription medications such as antacids with simethicone or simethicone itself can help relieve gas.

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