Four Amazing Health And Beauty Uses For Epsom Salt

Four Amazing Health And Beauty Uses For Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one of those things I always keep on hand for its many household, health and beauty uses. As much as it’s famous for its detoxifying benefits, using it in your beauty treatments is one easy way to improve your magnesium levels. 

Epsom salt is also a natural anti-inflammation remedy and gentle exfoliant that helps treat dry skin and speeds up the healing process of small wounds. And today, I want to share four ways you can use Epsom salt to stay healthy and look beautiful in the comfort of your own home.


1. Treat dry lips

If you struggle with chapped or dry lips and always find yourself fumbling for lip balm, try treating your lips with an Epsom salt mix. So, apply a mixture of a few tablespoons of the salt and Vaseline to your lips and gently rub it in. This remedy helps slough off any dead skin cells, leaving you with a healthier looking pout.

2. Relieve mild to moderate sunburn

Epsom salt is a great remedy for treating mild to moderate sunburn irritation because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. All you have to do is spritz a mixture of two tablespoons of Epsom salt with one cup of water in a spray bottle onto the affected area. 

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3. Soothe sore muscles

Sore muscles can be a nuisance especially after exercise. So, create a muscle-soothing solution by dissolving a teaspoon of Epsom salt into one cup of hot water and then cooling in your fridge for half an hour. Clean and dry the affected skin area before you apply the solution.

4. Relieve common insect bites

To soothe redness, sting and irritation that common insect bites cause, mix one cup of water with two tablespoons of Epsom salt then dip a cotton washcloth in the solution and gently apply to the affected area.

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