Four Big Weightloss Lies That Are Hindering Your Progress

Big Weightloss Lies

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of trying to lose weight, you’re probably following misguided or outdated advice.  You know, the weightloss promises that tell you to eat what you like and still lose weight? Yes, those!

As much it’s possible to eat what you like and lose weight, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and time. So, let’s take a look at four of the biggest false weightloss claims as well as what really works.



1. Cut 500 calories a day and lose 500g per week

Don’t get me wrong. Cutting back on calories is definitely a healthy and effective way to drop some kilos. However, it doesn’t hold true if you’re cutting back on more than you should. You see, when you severely cut down on the amount of calories you consume, your body goes into survival mode. The result? A drastically slow metabolic rate making your body hold on to every last calorie!

However, if you cut back on fewer calories a day, you encourage your body to save energy. For example, cutting 300 calories from your diet daily can help you lose more weight than decreasing it by 500. Also,  bare in mind the fact that consuming calories keeps your metabolic rate up and allows you to work out harder.

2. Eliminate carbohydrates and automatically lose weight

Your body needs carbohydrates for fuel. So, when you remove carbs from your diet, your fuel tank goes on E. Eventually, you start to feel like you’re running on fumes. And, when you feel like you’re working hard, your workouts get shorter and  aren’t as effective they were. This is because you’re not fueling your body properly. So, instead of completely going off carbs, try to only reduce your intake. After all, moderation is key in most things!

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3. You will gain weight if you eat after 6pm

I’ve religiously followed this crazy claim. But, the truth is that all foods contain calories, regardless of what time you eat them. According to a study conducted in 2012, researchers compared overweight people who ate carbs throughout the day with people who only ate them at dinner. Those who ate carbs at night lost more body fat and experienced less hunger during the day than those who ate them throughout the day. The researchers concluded that the reason behind it lies in the body’s production of growth hormone (GH) that controls how much fat you burn. The hormone peaks while you’re asleep, and shuts off when you eat your first meal of the day. 

4. High-intensity exercise burn less fat than long-moderate workouts

Yes, it’s true that you burn less carbohydrates and more fat during a moderate exercise session. However, your total calorie burn depends on how long your workouts last. A high-intensity exercise causes a far more intense after-burn that lasts the whole day and more after you finish working out. This is because the same you want to burn fuels this after-burn, helping your body change shape quicker than moderate workouts.

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